Success Stories

Success Stories

NOTE and Disclaimer: There is NOT a single healing code for any physical or nonphysical health problem. That is simply not what we do – AT ALL. EVERY healing code is for what Solomon called “issues of the heart”, more than 3000 years ago. These are the “Core Spiritual”  issues of life. When these “spiritual” issues heal, physiological stress reduces, and the immune system functioning increases. The immune system is capable of healing just about anything if it is not suppressed by stress. Our focus 100% of the time, and every healing code, is for the issues of the heart – only.

The Healing Codes, and any included coaching, is also NOT counseling or therapy of any kind. It is the application of a healing tool discovered in 2001 and first offered to the public in 2004.  After the discovery in 2001, we tested it for 1 1/2 years, and then spent 1 1/2 years packaging it so that anyone can easily do it for themselves at home. It is unique and one of a kind. We have never had one person who reported to us that they had seen this before.

What you see below, are real life stories of what happens in the body, mind, career, relationships, and finances, when you heal these deep core spiritual issues that we all have. These stories come from wonderful people in all 50 states and 89 foreign countries.

“When I was 18 years old I played a lot of soccer. My lower back ached and some Rontgen pictures were taken: according tot he orthodontist: polysyllables and the missing of some bone material in the lower back. Quit football playing and just swim or bike as advice otherwise You will in a wheelchair before You are 40!!

Wham! And that hit me in the face. Didn’t do almost anything fora bout 3-4 Years just as another doctor told me to watch my feeling and when it would hurt to listen to that as I did.
About 15 Years ago around my 37, I started running and training for marathons. I was 180 cm long at that time and according passport info.
After 2-3 Years my Achilles heel ached and gave me a burning feeling in the tendon. Specialists told me to stop. Not me and I kept on going as the burning pain after 10 minutes running normally disappeared. It came back after stopping the running.
I was introduced tot he Healing coede and after day 4 Love the burning pain vanished.
I started as I was amazed what happened the practitioner program. I gave myself as 1 point in this program for 2 weeks codes to do 2-3 times a day : I ran that time 2 weeks with pain in my lower back when starting the running. At about 10 minutes I could run with a normal back without pain. After stopping there was the back pain again.
After the 2 weeks the back was normal and it felt good. Recently I had to renew my passport: My length was taken again and they told me 181 cm. No I told 180. No 181cm. For my own feeling there was repaired in my lower back from earlier years and unconscious memories were distressed. Very simple….”

“I was the main caretaker for my mother all through her 90’s. She passed peacefully last year at Christmastime just short of 100! Now, I have more time and freedom to participate fully.

First of all, I thank you for your part in my healing from breast cancer 10 years ago! Without the Healing Codes and the skillful help of Lorna Mineweiser as my coach I would never accessed the deep core of shame at the root of the disease. I did walk through this challenge in JOY and not grief!

I have participated in many of these monthly sessions. I want to thank you for your steadfastness in staying on the cutting edge. The Codes have improved in their effectiveness, the prayers are deeper and so encompassing, Johanna setting up and processing is wonderful and instead of sitting alone we are sharing in the healing energy of yourself, of the coaches and everyone from around the world. Fantastic!

Thank you for your generosity in sharing the Master Key and the Heart Meditation and other instruction. Almost every session you address the issue “of what bothers us the most”. Mine was a 10+ and it did go down to a 4. You are right when you say the Heart Meditation carries tremendous power. When I did it just recently I finally let go of what bothered me the most (and what was the root of breast cancer). It was my inner child that was holding on to the betrayal, in shock and disbelief. I imagined the little child with her head in her knees who finally let go of it! I was the adult, knowing what she had been through, that went to hug her! It was RELEASED! It was stunning!”

“I attended the live CGC event in May 2017, for Rejection and Insecurity. Years before, whenever I would have a bad interaction with my dad, I would feel what the old folks used to call “a cinder in your throat”, or some people call it “getting choked up.” Only mine would pull my neck out of joint after a day or so. Even though I hadn’t felt this feeling before the event or even in a while, I did feel a slight pain or “unwrinkling” is the best way I can describe what I felt dead center of the area that used to always be affected in my neck. My first event, I listened to the recording for weeks afterward and I’m intending to listen again just to see if I can address a similar issue that’s come up. The prayers were most anticipated when I would play the recording. May all the love return to you guys a hundred fold for all your care, and thank you.”