Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

Spot-Checking Emotional Issues and Peace

“I found out about The Healing Codes by a co-worker’s husband. I was minding my own business and he sent me this email inviting me to learn about this energy healing technique, which is interesting to me because I’m always looking for better methods for my clients in my private practice. So that was the good news, the energy technique that would be helpful. The bad news was I had to fly to Nashville, TN to learn about it.

We went there and the thing that first impressed me was the integrity of the people who were doing the training and the love from the founder that I felt coming off of him.

So I learned The Healing Codes. This whole energy medicine and energy psychology was something new to me. Wasn’t something I’d grown up with. I was a little bit skeptical, but went ahead and tried it. The major effects that I experienced using the exercises were a sense of peace. I wasn’t aware of needing them for physical issues that much, but I get emotionally upset about things. And I know with my therapy training that if there’s something in the present that’s bothering me, usually, if it’s a high level of disturbance, it’s normally because there is something earlier in my life that is unresolved.

So that’s how I’ve been using The Healing Codes is on emotional disturbances. And what I’ve noticed is that one of the things that I really appreciate about The Healing Codes is that I don’t have to do a lot of digging around in my past. I can identify something relatively quickly and apply the exercises. And I noticed that if something was bothering me maybe at a level of a 10 or a 9 when I first started, within thirty minutes it would be down to maybe a 3 or a 2. And the basic sense I had was a sense of peace.

I would say that compared to some of the other methodologies, The Healing Codes is one of the simplest. If you’re thinking about using The Healing Codes, you can’t lose. If you really use the material and the exercises the way they were designed, you will have some experience that will prove to you that they are effective

~~June Timberlake, Freemont, CA