School Problems

“Matthew had always been happy and eager to go to school but near the beginning of his fourth year he became resistant to going to school and constantly concerned with his pick up from school. Mathew’s situation progressed over the next couple of weeks to crying every morning before school. Soon to follow he began to cry at bedtime in anticipation of the dreaded chore of going to school the next morning.

“This situation quickly progressed to the point I could not drive up to school and Mathew get out of the car due to his tears and almost hyperventilation. I had tried everything and could not get anything from Mathew as to what was causing his resistance to go to school. All Mathew would say was ‘I don’t know’. This severe change in behavior only occurred in relation to going to school.

“I began to park and walk Mathew into school. Still there was no improvement and we were now into November. Mathew’s respiratory rate would increase the closer we got to school and then he would start to fret. The closer we would get to school he would start to cry. We would enter the school his heart would race, he was crying, pale and would get weak legs. I would desperately try to console him without any success. All Mathew would say to me was ‘Mommy I am trying, I can’t help it.’

“Before school was out for the Christmas holidays, I had attended school with Mathew for more than two weeks, all day and everyday. (I was fired from my job.) This did nothing to help Mathew at school. He would not let me out of his sight while at school. I did not know what to do and had never felt so helpless in my life.

“A friend approached me with the concept of the Healing Codes and thought they might be the answer to Mathew’s distress. Matthew was eagerly cooperative to begin the Codes. My friend’s coach customized a set of Healing Codes for Mathew and I started doing the Codes with him 2 times each day. By the time Mathew started back to school after the holidays there was almost no resistance to going and being at school. By mid-January Matthew declared he was completely healed and was happy to be back and going to school! This has been demonstrated by Mathew arriving at School happy and waving good-bye to his Mom with a smile on this face. I was a witness and a participant in seeing a Miracle happen with this little boy!”

~~ Vicki D .