Basal 2

Basal 2

Basal Cell Carcinoma Lesion

“My name is Larry Napier, I’m from Thompson Station, Tennessee. I guess the best way for me to start is that I had a lesion that started showing up on my arm that I didn’t deal with for over a year. And in a bible study with a doctor on an ongoing basis – he would watch it from time to time. But my schedule caused me to be out of town a lot. In the spring two years ago I was at a bible study and didn’t have a long sleeve shirt on. He saw what had happened with the lesion. He said, “Larry, let’s start dealing with this. This is a basal cell carcinoma. You need to go get this thing taken off before it metastasizes.” That was Saturday morning.

I got a call from Alex on Monday morning saying, “We need to meet, we need to talk, I have some things I could use some help with from you, I need to let you know what I’m doing.” I couldn’t believe as he started to talk to me what he was doing. Because from my biblical background, what he was saying would give me a lot of problems. So as he described what he was doing, I pulled up my sleeve and showed him the lesion on my arm. I said, “Are you telling me that what you’re doing could remove this?” He said, “I can teach you what to do to get it removed.” I said, “I need a couple of days to pray and then I’ll let you know if I’m willing to do this.”

So after a couple of days I called him. He gave me exercises to do and I started doing them faithfully. About the third day I saw a change, and in about six weeks, it was totally gone. It had been there for over a year. I’d been praying about it for over a year and nothing had happened to change it, it was just getting worse. But in the six weeks time it was totally gone. And I watched it disappear on a daily basis, almost, right before my eyes.

So that was my initial experience. Since then, I’ve had other things that have shown up…and just immediately, any kind of problem that comes up, I immediately turn and start dealing with these exercises.

It’s absolutely phenomenal to me. And at that particular point, I became a full believer in what was happening because I had experienced myself and then began a lot of extensive bible study to help Alex explain in more detail from a scripture basis what was happening.”

~~ Larry Napier, Thomson Station, TN