Learning to Love

Learning to Love

I just started using the Healing Code last night. I have many, many issues to address, so I just picked one as a starting point on a list I’d written out while reading The Healing Code book.  I’ve had horrible issues with developing relationships with women my entire life. I’ve always known it was related to my mother abandoning me as a child. My relationship with Jesus has helped me so much in this area, and I have come a long, long way. BUT, there was still room for improvement. So, last night, when I reached the point of actually applying the Healing Code, I thought back into my past to see if there was a memory picture of something that made me feel similar to the mistrust or emotional disconnection (the wall…) I have experienced in relationships with women.

I found one. I’ve always remembered this – It wasn’t some repressed, hidden memory. In fact, I’ve made note of it several times in my life. Anyway, I was around 8 in this memory. My mother said she was going to visit me, and she did on this occasion (there were times when she said she would but didn’t). And, when I ran out to hug her, even at that young age, I noticed that I felt nothing inside…

Now, knowing what I’ve learned, I realize my subconscious had built a defense to prevent further damage. So, last night, I said the prayers and spoke Truths about the memory – “I am completely capable of loving. I am worthy of love. I am fully able to trust. I love my Mom,” etc.

It had to have been the Holy Spirit… All of a sudden, standing on that driveway outside my Grandmother’s house wasn’t Mom at all… It was Jesus… In His beautiful white robes with His arms extended to me, ever faithful, completely trustworthy. I hugged Him and felt completely safe to trust Him, completely at peace. I will never be able to to envision that memory again without seeing Jesus there in place of my Mom… It’s like the memory is now Him… The memory is no longer painful — after one application! The book didn’t say to do that… It didn’t say to change up the way it happened in your memory. But, somehow, it was changed, and I know I can resolve this now. I will continue doing a Healing Code on this memory, but I feel so differently inside about it! I’ve shared this with everyone I know.

What joy I have experienced just knowing that I will be able to overcome all the pain! Thank you so much, Dr. Loyd, for sharing your discovery.