Cat Immunization

Cat Immunization

Cat Immunization Reactions

“On Thursday I took our cat Shanta for her annual trip to the vet. The vet convinced me that she should have three shots – one, the usual for cats, plus rabies, plus something else that would help if she had a reaction from the first. (I should have known better!). All was well on Friday but on Saturday she got progressively more and more lethargic and ended up flopped under the bed where no one could reach her. In the evening, we finally got her out and put her on a rocking chair she likes, where she stayed all night without moving. In the morning she was still in the same shape. My husband and I decided to try a Code. We did the one for the Immune System, since I figured that the shots had probably shut that down completely.

We went over to her, lay hands on her, and told her that God was going to make her feel much better. We did the Codes for the Immune system on ourselves. We then returned to her, again lay hands on her, and told her that we were offering her this healing in love and light.

When we were finished, she immediately sat straight up, washed her face, jumped off the chair, went downstairs and to her pan. She then consumed two breakfasts of fresh fish and was back to her old self and all her usual tricks. It was really quite amazing!

I had heard that the HCs were particularly effective with animals and small children but this was the first actual demonstration.

~~ Katharine L. M.