Fibromyalgia, Spiritual Healing

“I heard about The Healing Codes through my good friend June Timberlake. I was very sick at the time. I was not working. I was invalid and was taking medications that were making me very sick. I couldn’t do anything for myself. I had an on-the-job injury on my neck and shoulder. I had a physical injury. From that, it was producing severe headaches and I was in severe, chronic pain every day. I was taking several medications that irritated my stomach, caused severe reactions from nausea to being very hyper and sensitive to not being coherent to shortness of breath, and I could just go on and on.

So when my friend June told me about The Healing Codes, I said, “I’m not doing that, that’s just too far out. That’s is like…no way.” And I said some other things, too, but I won’t say.

But I tried it and it worked! So I started to feel better and then I had more energy. Then I decided that, “This is just too good to be true.”…

I also got some personal coaching. And at that time, I made a decision to come off all the medication. I also made a decision that I would use The Healing Codes more, but I was still very much afraid of it because I had tried everything. The doctors told me it was all in my head and I was making it up. I saw a specialist and nothing helped. So that was in June. By the time August came around, I was so much better.

It was less than three months. Because in that three-month period, I was getting personal coaching, and I just kept getting stronger. I got more energy. I was able to do ballroom dancing. I still wasn’t working, but shortly after that, I went back to work. Every time I went to the doctor, because I had diagnoses like “fibromyalgia, myofascia…” I can’t even remember all the different diagnoses I had…

Spiritually, my faith got stronger. I felt like God didn’t forget about me. And as I did The Codes, some days were pretty bad and some days were good, but the overall affect of what happened is that many of the pictures that I had around doctors and nurses and technicians and specialists that said that my pain was imaginary and that there was nothing else they could do for me. And here I was just doing some simple hand positions and saying a few statements and praying and asking for God’s complete healing, I just got better!

I went from looking like a shriveled up prune, dried in the sun for a very long time to a very vivacious and alive-again person inside and out. My headaches were reduced, my immune system got better, I was able to…just to clean the bathroom. It was a major challenge to do anything, both mentally and physically.

…my bones even feel stronger. My skin even cleared up. My heart became uncluttered. My spirit was freed. I’m just a better person. I could just go on and on.

Anything I used The Healing Codes with, it made me better and stronger. So much stronger that I forgot that I had a physical injury. I was doing things that I had not been able to do for three or more years…I laugh more, I smile more. My relationships improved. My finances are still being worked out, but they did get better because I was able to return to work.

My longtime friends just don’t believe that a healing energy system did that turn around. Nobody believed it. Because I’ve always been a pretty outgoing person and I rarely shared the depth of my pain with anybody. So this is really new for me to do right now. But they don’t believe it. They don’t want to believe it. All they want to see is the fact that I’m okay and that I’m not suffering and that’s about all they can handle.

Once I got The Healing Codes kit, all the information, especially the science background, was very overwhelming. Again, June encouraged me to read it later and do the exercises. And be ready to have some fun…that was pretty much it. It was much later when I read the manual completely.

But the best part about it was that when I started to use it, it was encouraging to be in the company of other people who were using it…

Before I started using The Healing Codes, I had thousands of dollars in medical bills and expenses. More medical bills than I was earning. So The Healing Codes was just a drop in the bucket because when I started using The Healing Codes, while I had been seeing anywhere from two to four doctors a week for years, when I started using The Healing Codes, I would see a doctor when I wanted to see a doctor. I saw lots of doctors. Lots of them…And all of those specialists and doctors cost lots of money. Some of the expenses were covered by my health provider. But for a lot of it I took my savings and my earnings and everything that I could to try out every different system to get better. And then come The Healing Codes, which was a drop in the bucket compared to all the headache and the hassle I went through in trying to get bills straightened out. You know, pay one doctor with this little bit of money I had and that kind of thing. So it’s nice to not be putting the extra money out because of The Healing Codes. Now I can go shopping. I can take vacations. I don’t have to do anything. I’m free to serve in ministry. I’m just not bound by prescriptions and health care.

The top five benefits I experienced with The Healing Codes is that my heart is not cluttered. I don’t harbor bitterness and unforgiveness towards those doctors and technicians and specialists. And friends and family and on and on. Those people who did not believe in me or did not have the courage or the attitude to join me in my pain to help me through or give me an element of hope. So forgiveness is the first one.

The second thing was that my relationships got better. Because my body was not consumed with this pain and it was more down to a manageable level, I didn’t walk around with this frown on my face. And I didn’t have these episodes where I would get so frightened that I would withdraw from people. Because I didn’t think they could handle a full chronic pain episode. So my relationships are better because I’m not judging them for what they can’t give me. So I’m able to give more freely without being critical of the love that I’m giving.
The third thing that happened was that The Healing Codes helped me to get centered again. I really thought that God had forgotten about me. And that because I had neglected to notice the symptoms in my body when I was working and had so much devotion to my job and was ignoring the signs and the injury that happened to my body, I just said, “This is just the punishment I deserve. These are the consequences.” The Healing Codes reminded me of God’s unfailing love. That his love for me never changed. I was the one who cut if off. So it helped me to refocus and to restore my joy. And I wasn’t angry when I lifted my hands in worship to God. That was very helpful.

The fourth thing was that it got me out of the victim mentality. I had a “woe is me party” for a bunch of years. I was pretty good at that. I just felt like nobody cared, and if they knew how much pain I was in, “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” I’m like, “Please, cut it off. I want a new record.” That’s what The Healing Codes did. It took me out of that victim mentality so that I can use the gifts and talents that God gave me to help other people to become unstuck. And to share what God has done and what he is doing and what he will be doing. And I can do that a lot better when that focus is not negatively upon me.

The fifth thing that happened is that I have joy. Because I can see my cheeks when I smile now. And I haven’t seen those in a long time. Because I have joy, I laugh more. When I laugh more and have joy, then people want to be around me. And that helps me to feel loved and accepted. And I like being around them, too.

If you’re considering using The Healing Codes, this is what I would say to you. Take your fears and put them in a box. Open up your mind and your heart and your spirit and allow God to come in and be in your fingers and in your truth statements. And cancel out all those lies you’ve been thinking about. Then, when you decide to return to that box of fears, there will be no more fear. If you are inhibited about trying and exploring these things, that’s fear. I strongly suggest that you put those aside and walk into a whole new life. A better life. A loving life. And a caring life, forever, until you die. ”

~~ Marita Cooper, Freemont, CA