Allergies #2

Allergies #2

Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome Allergies

Creativity Unlocked Self Sabotage

The custom Healing Codes I received with my Healing Codes package have changed my life. My Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome is gone. Gone are painful periods and weeks and weeks of bleeding. I used to take pills to help control the water weight that comes with this syndrome and they helped a little, but now I look fabulous and without the pills! But what I am most grateful for – the facial hair. Or rather, the lack of it. The first week it was just brushing off. As the weeks have progressed, less hair grows each week and when it does come it’s lighter and thinner, like a woman’s facial hair should be. All the ingrown hairs are gone too, and in another six weeks I expect to have no facial hair. I’ve waged a battle against this hair since I was 16 years old. Now at 30, I’m free to walk out in the morning without examining my jaw in the mirror first!

Four weeks ago I had horrible allergies. If someone was dusting, I went outside. If a lawn was being mowed, I was shut up inside. Dogs, cats, birds, trees, bushes, pollen – it all set me off. I couldn’t eat wheat, sugar, milk, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, potatoes, tree nuts and the list just goes on and on.

The Code I was given was for my allergies and my mother. How did it cure my asthma too? I never used to walk outside without my inhaler. Now I eat a beautiful salad for lunch and take my brother’s dog for a walk or jog without worries. I was so excited that dogs no longer gave me a rash I knitted my brother’s Rhodesian Ridgeback a sweater! And I’m looking forward to pollen season!

With confidence that these two problems had been successfully eliminated, I decided it was time to try to fix my life long incontinence problem. I’m not going to tell you how awful it was to go through life with this as an albatross. But what a relief to know that I’m finally in charge of when I go! It took two weeks but it was gone. GONE. I can control my bladder for the first time in my life.

So after my 3rd Code, all my health problems were solved! My confidence has gone through the roof! I am finally free to be who I am. Thank you for the Codes that helped release my fear of the future. I started to take roller-skating lessons (a life long dream) and began to speak my mind – even to my family. Everyone notices the positive change in my attitude.

I received a Code to unlock my creativity. My imagination has been rampant. I am more creative even in little things – how I present a plate at dinner, or planning church activities. I can’t wait to see what comes into my life or what I can make better in my life now that my creativity is free again.

And then my self-sabotaging. I’m still doing this Code and the healing side-effects have been horrendous (cold sores, weird backache and knee aches), so I know I’m doing myself some good. Thus far I have noticed that I’ve been more effective and driven this week. Everything I’d been putting off I’m just taking care of systematically. I usually put things off – sometimes I put things off until it’s too late – like my Julliard Application. And I know I do this on purpose! I’ve tried to fix my “bad habit” on my own. But this time I don’t have to try — it’s just happening.

But what I have gained through the Codes is a better gift than the healing of my body. I now have a true reliance on God and Christ. I trust more easily. I love more freely. And I feel at peace with myself. I love me and I’m noticing that other people love me too. What a blessing.

~~ A. Nance