Pain – Neck and Back

I did The Healing Codes on my own and had some very nice results improving fatigue and something else related to that. Then I went on a little vacation. The day before I left I got this pain in my neck and shoulders like I hadn’t had in about 30 years when I broke my neck and back. I took a lot of Ibuprophen as I was getting ready for the trip and didn’t sleep well the night before. It got really bad the next day when I arrived at my destination. I took two Darvosets, which was the maximum dose. It was just not enough to handle the pain. It was still just excruciating. I hadn’t called my Healing Codes practitioner yet, and I called her frantically. I was on an island off of Florida, and I was terrified I was going to have to get a water taxi back to the mainland and take a cab somewhere to find a chiropractor or do something to get out of this pain.

My coach got back to me really fast and gave me a Code. Within an hour or so the pain had diminished significantly so I could sleep. She told me I needed to do the Code for four days. The pain diminished more and more over the days. Sometimes it got worse, but it was all bearable. I didn’t have to take any more medication after she gave me the Code. By the fourth day it was all gone and has not been back since.

I was thrilled. As I was going through this excruciating pain, I said, “I’m going to have a really good thing to test this stuff with.” I was grateful for the result.

~~ Beth Ann