Personal Opinion

Personal Opinion

( This is my personal opinion)

Dear Alex and Ben,

The Healing Code system revealed to you is indeed one of the Divine thing discovered to help the Humankind. I am personally grateful to you.

I am practicing the Pranayam (Breathing excercise), I pray to my God Shri AmmaBhagwan, Read books by many eastern and western spiritual masters. It is very much possible that these too must have contributed to the results I got from The healing Code.

I also respect many way and techniques that are prevailing todate, practiced todate through out the world that make peoples life better. All those things have their own rightfull place in our world. They all are great in their own way.

My religion is Hindu by birth. A friend of mine gave me the Book. I read and then gave it a try.
My observations are as follows,

The Healing Code gave me benifits in my lifes emotional areas. My anger & anxiety is greatly lessened. My relationships considerably improved. My acceptance of others different point of view is dramatically increased. My patience and listening ability too is noticeably improved. My calmness too is very much improved. This is, I think happening without my conscious trying. I think it is more of automatic. I didnt believe it when I begin. Hence I think The Healing Code works irespective of our faith in the system.

Though I respect all Gods and religions. I dont go to Church and dont pray to Jesus Christ. Still I got results. Hence I think the Codes works regardless of our specific religion and God.

For close one and half month I was doing codes little incorectly here and there. Still I got the results. Therefore I think the codes works even if not done perfectly as prescribed. Hence the claim of author that the intension to heal is important, I think stands good.

I have no fixed schedule of doing the Healing Code. So i think, I may add that the codes work even if we dont keep a fixed schedule.

I have no fixed place to do it. I do it in home, car, in office, in public & open space. Hence I think it does not need any specific place to do it. Still it will deliver, I think.

However I do it consistently. Never miss a day. Hence I think the cosistency is very important as said by the Authors.

Physical ailment healing is not my personal experience.

A friend of mine was suffering from Digestive and Intestine Ulcer problems. He takes alopathic medications. However he says that since he begin doing the healing codes there is certain enhanced improvemnt in his overall health condition in regards to the ailments he faced. Also I noticed one person’s running nose (due to cold) stopped with single stting of The Healing Code. So from this I think, it does enhances the speedier recovery in manifested diseases.

In the gratitude to God I believe in Shri AmmaBhagwan, Other Masters, Mr. Alex, His wife and Mr. Ben, also my wife and Shri Mataji. My friend Girsh who gave me this book and many others.

Also grateful to the Jesus Christ.

Thank you. Thank you Thank you.