Thursday Night Call

“After listening to your Thursday night phone call, these thoughts rose out of my 10 years of working with energy healing processes and wonderful, dedicated, hurting people.

The way our society looks at disease is to lump all those people with the same diagnosis together. All diabetes patients, all stroke victims, all cancer patients, etc., and then we treat them the same way…. And yet, that is not how the diseases started, it’s just where we ended up. Each individual person got there via a different route connected not to our health, but to our life experiences and the decisions we made about ourselves and our world, based on what we learned from those experiences.

Its as if we began writing a personal journal, starting at conception, WAY before the conscious mind clicked in, recording sequentially, in our very own Time Line Filing System, every tiny detail of those experiences, our responses to them, and how they made us feel, and what they led us to believe about ourselves, positive as well as negative. Lots of people know them as Core Beliefs. So then, driven by those decisions, we have gone through our lives making ourselves right by attracting more experiences that wrap like onion layers around the Core Belief, constantly storing both positive and negative memories. It’s the negative memories stored with their companion emotions or feelings that build and stress us, beyond motivation, to the stage of Toxic Stress that creates dis-ease, and then disease.

What we DON’T have for our own personal Time Line Filing System, is the A, B, C, or numbers, or pattern combination. We also have not had any ongoing process of getting rid of the toxic negative memories and emotions, and throwing them out like garbage. Instead we fear letting go, consequently living our lives carrying our garbage with us…. And we wonder why we get sick???

Its exciting that NOW, when you apply the energy through The Healing Codes, you are working BACKWARDS, page by page, deleting, or sweeping out, or dissolving that stress along the time line, until, like a heat-seeking missile, the energy clears you out, through your Core Beliefs, popping them out, right to your cellular memory. I believe this explains why some things can take longer to heal than others, and why the sequence can be different from what we are expecting or wanting or feeling.”
~~ Susan in AU