Unpleasant News Delivered Heart Disease Risk

I recently had some unpleasant news to deliver to one of my tenants. The interaction with this tenant could have been contentious and stressful. I decided to use the Power to Peace and custom Healing Codes my coach had given me to help prepare for “the meeting.” My intention for the meeting was that it would be amicable, and I wanted to deliver the news from a place of peace, truth and love. I did the Codes for the Peace and Love categories and held the outcome I wanted in my mind and heart while doing the Codes. The results of doing the Codes in advance were great! I conveyed the facts of the situation in a spirit of truth and love to the tenant, and the result was that the whole meeting was very civilized, and the tenant agreed to make the needed corrections without any dispute.

I have been doing The Healing Codes for about 3 months now to help with a few health issues while at the same time working with my doctor and nutritionist. Both my doctor and nutritionist have been doing lab tests as markers to track my progress. One of the tests is called Cardio-CRP, which is a test used to determine risk for cardiovascular heart disease. My initial test was done about the same time I started using the Codes. The result of that test was 1.79, which indicates an average risk for heart disease. I had the same test done about two weeks ago and my test result was 0.79, which indicates a low risk factor. I attribute much of this significant improvement to using The Healing Codes – you know, healing the issues of heart, and not just the spiritual heart!

I thank my coach for her work and dedication in making the Healing Codes program user-friendly. I cannot recommend enough working with your Healing Codes coach and being diligent about using the codes multiple times a day. I thank Dr. Alex, Dr. Ben and Tom Costello for the multiple sources of information and insight they provide on the website and in various materials and programs. I also love the Q Codes and have great results using both approaches.

~~ Jay