Skin Cancer 1

Skin Cancer 1

Skin Cancer

“The skin cancer that I had…there were symptoms there. I could tell it was coming back on my ear, there was a spot and so after about two or three days I called Alex and he gave me a protocol for that and I began working on that. It was probably about two weeks later that I could tell that the spot on my ear was no longer there.

When Dr. Loyd talks about “issues of the heart” and The Healing [Generator], it’s easy for me to identify with that. I’ve been to several seminars that talk about the root cause of any kind of problem we face in life and it’s natural for me to think about the issues of the heart when I think about anything physical, anything spiritual, emotional, that it begins in the heart. So when Alex talks about this, I can identify with it from what I’ve heard and what I’ve learned and what I see in scripture, as well.

So for me, personally, when I do a protocol that I can visualize the symptoms, I can visualize the root cause, and the image that’s there and to be able to take that image captive and to be able to, by the grace of God, change that image that’s in my heart so that healing can take place in my body or in my emotions.

If you are just thinking about this and just thinking, “Wow, this is really far out, I don’t know if I understand this,” I say, just try it. Try it one time and see what a difference that it makes. You’ll be kind of like I was. At first I said, “Hey, I doubt if this stuff really works.” But it does work and it will bring healing to whatever problem you’re dealing with.

I’ve been at Lipscomb University for twenty-seven years and I’m over at the spiritual outreach office. I also work at a church in Nashville, and I’ve been an elder there for the past several years. I’ve been a minister there for the past seventeen years. So I’ve been at these places for a pretty good while – I’m a veteran at these places. As a minister and elder, when I think about The Healing [Generator] and what Alex is doing with this work, so much of it is right out of scripture that I have no problems with it. I think a lot of people have problems with it because it’s different. It’s different from what they’ve been taught. It’s different from what medical people have been taught and will tell you. But when you look and see what’s being done, a lot of it is just right out of scripture. And I think that’s why it’s so successful. Because it gets to the root problem and does not treat the symptom.”

~~ Steve Davidson