“When my husband Tim and I started doing The Healing Codes, we rotated through the 12 Days twice before going into the Codes with the issues that bothered us the most. We got custom Codes from our coach which we did on ourselves twice a day, and I have been doing one of the other categories on Tim with the intention that the session benefits us both.

“I expanded the Healing Codes prayer, inviting all others who are calling out for help or praying for healing to be assisted by our Healing Codes sessions. I also put out the intention that each of us experience the full healing energy as if the Codes are being done on us personally, so that the effects of the Healing Codes are multiplied rather than divided. Then I call in our angels and guides to assist us in this healing, and I also invite all those working for the greatest and highest good to assist us as well, giving great thanks for their love and support. Finally, I ask that this be for the greatest and highest good of myself, the universe, and all beings everywhere.

“One evening about five weeks into doing the Codes, I felt drawn to do the Self-Control category (muscular/skeletal system) with Tim. That was not a category I would have normally picked since I’ve never broken a bone or had any serious issues that I’m aware of related to that category. We had not done that category since our two initial 12 day cycles.

“Tim and I normally do the Codes before we go to bed, and tonight it happened to be quite late, around midnight, when we started doing the Codes. If I do the Codes that late on Tim, I’m typically fighting falling asleep and can only do them for about 10 minutes.

“But tonight was different. I just got into a deep meditative state where I was very relaxed but alert, so I continued doing the Codes on him for about an hour. Finally around 1:00 a.m., I decided I’d better go to sleep, so I stopped doing the Codes. I woke up early in the morning on Thursday, and felt drawn to do the Codes in the Humility category (circulatory system) and my custom Code related to the Peace category (anxiety, worry). Again, I felt drawn to do these Codes for an extended time.

“Maybe an hour or two later I got a message from my brother saying to call him about Mom and Dad. My brother said that my mom had gone to bed early on Wednesday night, and around 9:00 p.m. my dad went outside, probably to get something out of the car. My parents live on a hill, so it’s about two flights of stairs to get from the driveway to their front door. My dad fell down the concrete stairs outside their house, severely fracturing his hip in four places. He could only drag himself up a couple stairs, nowhere near the front door or doorbell.

“My mom likes to go to bed early, and my dad is a night owl, often watching the late night news programs and falling asleep on the couch in the living room. So it was not unusual that he did not come up to bed that night. My parents live in Portland, Oregon, and that night was cold and raining. My dad had called out for help in the dark of the night, but it was not until about 5:30 AM, approximately 8.5 hours after his fall, that the neighbors found him outside and called 911.

“After talking to my brother, I looked online at the past 24 hour temperatures to find it was 43 degree with a chill factor of 34 degrees. My dad is 76 years old, has not been in the best of health, and without much insulation on his body he gets cold very easily. After my brother relayed the events about my dad, he said, “It’s a miracle Dad is still alive.”

“It was then that I realized that the codes I had been doing since the night before were for my dad, while he was lying outside in severe pain, feeling helpless and scared in the rain and cold. It was then that I realized that the Healing Codes and the prayer I said in conjunction with them had saved his life. It was then that I asked myself. “Oh my, what is this I have in my hands?” And I realized the power of the Healing Codes. This is saving lives. And how many others might we be helping that we are not aware of, just by doing the Codes on ourselves and inviting anyone else praying for healing to experience the benefits of our efforts?

“Since doing the Healing Codes, I’m feeling my intuition sharpen. Was this what prompted me to know the perfect Codes to do to help my dad, and is this what caused me to do them for the length of rime I did? I feel very strongly that the answer is YES.

“Besides this extraordinary event, Tim and I have experienced many things. We feel more centered and balanced and positive, and have a greater sense of peace in our hearts. We have gone through healing responses and rejoiced in them. Tim is sleeping better, I have more clarity and confidence, and our relationship is more harmonious than I can remember. We continue to experience the wonderful results of the Codes each day. Thank you Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson for bringing us this Divine Gift! May the blessings you have brought to others be returned to you one thousand fold!”

~~ Victoria W.