Interstitial Cystitis

“This is the story of how I overcame a debilitating disease and have come to enjoy an extraordinarily blessed life after spending most of my time in bed and absolutely having to use the rolling shopping cart chairs in the grocer and super mart for years. My story begins at age nine because looking back I realize that my first symptoms of my problem occurred then.

I started getting headaches when I was 9 years old. As a teenager I went to so many doctors for headaches, I could not begin to count them. Finally as a young adult the problem seemed to be sinus, ear infections and allergies.
Then after I passed 35 years of age, I started having chronic bladder pain with blood in my urine. Although the urinalysis showed no sign of infection, I always felt like I had a urinary tract infection. But it did seem worse, the fatigue was debilitating. Finally, the chronic sensation of a urinary tract infection was accompanied by the feeling that I had been hit between the legs with a sledge hammer on occasion. When these episodes came, I was rendered unable to walk. I would crawl to the bathroom and pull myself into the bathtub, fill it with hot water in order to urinate. My husband took me to the leading specialist in the field for such symptoms, who diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis. He informed me that it was incurable. Thanks to my loving husband, I haven’t been to another traditional American doctor since.
Yes, we have tried another uncountable number of things, looking for a solution, and I seemed to get nothing but steadily worse until my husband started playing an audio of the Bible spoken in the original Hebrew language some three and a half years ago. It seems that answers have been coming to me supernaturally ever since. Not long after that, on a physical level, my husband realized that I had mercury poisoning from the metal fillings I had received in my early child hood. It was so wonderful for the sensation of having a bladder infection leave me after enduring that constant pain for about seven years.

Well, I did have one side effect. I kept clamping my teeth together when I slept, which left my face painful when I ate most of the time. He gave me a guard to sleep with which prevented me from biting in my sleep, but I couldn’t stand the thing in my mouth. He offered to fix a slimmer version of the thing but before I got back to his office to have it made, my friend shared another wonderful healing technique with me – The Healing Codes. The pain in my teeth left the first day I used the code for forgiveness. And over all, I felt much better, but I was still using three handfuls of colon cleansing herbs along with a magnesium supplement to get my bowels to function every day.
Then my coach called from the Healing Codes. He gave me custom Codes which really helped with my energy level, not only was I functioning without pain, I started feeling like my real self with energy to live instead of simply exist. For the first time in years, I was able to make it through the day without naps most of the time. After using the custom Codes that my coach derived, I had to reduce my colon cleansing herbs to less than 15% of what I had used for years.

In fact, my situation has improved to the point that I can do pilates 3 to 5 times a week, the first time in seven years. I recommend The Healing Codes for everyone with health or stress challenges. They also bring peace and health to my healthy husband and daughter. I believe with all of my heart that your life will be enriched just as mine has been.

~~ L. Campbell