Effects of Radiation: Lost sense of Feeling, Reduced Saliva Production, Ability to Taste

“My husband and I have been doing The Healing Codes together for about three months now. We’re finding that we’re not only feeling so much better generally – happier (laughs), more outgoing, more confident than we were. And even after fifty years of marriage there’s still a lot for us to learn and to do together.

My husband had a bout with cancer about three and a half to four years ago. He had to have major surgery on the left side of his face and suffered through the radiation. He lost the sense of feeling, he lost the ability to produce saliva and lost a great deal of ability to taste. Those things are beginning to come back. He has feeling on the left side of his head now, and he is able to taste things that he hasn’t been able to taste for years. The dry mouth is going away. I swear he’s growing more hair on the top of his bald head. And the doctors said that he’d improved as much as he was going to. But with The Codes, it has been improving and we’re really excited about it. We feel very blessed.

So we’re just sort of jumping up and down. Even though it’s not a sky-rocket, it’s really important progress for us.