Energy – Moving

“I first heard you (Dr. Loyd) about a month ago, you were interviewed on the Passion Series. I was very, very touched at that time…so the whole time, I was just having a very quiet cry, and it reminded me of lyrics from, I think the Beatles, “My Guitar Gently Weeps.” So that’s what I’m finding that The Healing Codes are like for me. I think you were on [the call] on Tuesday and by the Friday I had ordered it. And I had energy moving in my legs immediately from hearing you on that interview.

You talked about conscious conflict and that conscious conflict can slow down your healing. Well, from the moment that I heard about The Healing Codes, I had a conscious conflict in my own environment where it was cluttered and was no longer suiting the way I wanted it to be. I live on two acres in a very small place and it was just over the top. Immediately, without me saying anything to my husband he sold antiques that were too big for the bedroom. By the time FedEx was delivering it the following week, I had completely redecorated our bedroom. I talk about feng shui, I feel a lovely vibration. Beauty is coming into our inner environment. And we’re honey harvesters, so in my mind I picture the honeycomb, you know, that the bees develop. And so I picture that these images that we have, we’ve buried them like the bees do, we’ve built a little honeycomb and put them in there. And it could be, we say positive or negative, but you know what, it’s just a picture. So what the bees do, if it’s is they cover the egg up with a little bit of wax on the top, or if it’s the honey, when it’s the right proportion, again, they cover it with wax. So either way, it’s a gift. Either a little honey bee is going to come out when it’s ready, or their going to be able to access the nectar.

So for me it’s like Christmas everyday. It’s like saying, ‘okay, I’m going to open this gift and it doesn’t matter’…you know, I’m not going to open my nose and say ‘oh, this is some terrible experience and I’m feeling really bad about it.’ I know this is just a gift and I’m freeing up the energy and that’s what I’m picturing. That all of these bubbles are just freed energy. And it doesn’t have a name, it’s just freed energy.

– Renee, Vancouver