Stress is Gone

Stress is Gone

“I’ve bought this book in Curacao during Holiday and the moment I start reading I felt that something started to happen!.. I am recently diagnosed with a life threatening disease and the information, knowledge and wisdom written in this book is like reading my life story.. I was always skeptic about miracles, religion and so on..

Although  I am very, very successful in life and very fortunate.  I wasn’t happy, simply because my wealth wasn’t meaningful.
What was strange though is that the outside world, friends, family.. considered me as an example.. of success.

One of the strengths of the healing code and particular this book is that it scientifically proves that stress is the main factor that causes illnesses..and I have led a very stressful life.. throughout childhood and later on my career and marriage. My story about this book is that somehow I saw this book jump out between several hundreds of books on the self.. I am not (yet) religious but somehow.. someone showed this book to me like an invisible hand guided me towards it..

I’ve read this book in record speed it took me two days and already started to practice and I literally feel results.. I feel less stressed, more content, happy, hopeful, I feel, strength, love, joy and I am aware of all this..and the most powerful things I am starting to forgive people and healing my negative images and (cellular) memories and wrong believes..
My life motto has always this, it’s believe that gets u there, but somehow I lost my believe and faith.. but I am back on track..

In all those years of visiting and consulting many, many doctors, psychologists no one ever told me that I needed to change my lifestyle and thinking. I’ve been to important coaches and mentors, read hundreds of books and spend more than a fortune but no one ever told me the truth.. If an psychologist spends many hours listening and analyzing your story he could know what to advise you, but instead they proscribe you to rest, exercise and eat well and take some more medicine..

Well guess what all you need is love