Aggression, Stress, Tantrums, Bed Wetting

“Since visiting Tony Mansfield and learning Healing Codes, my usually stressed and very aggressive 8yr old boy has had an amazing ‘turn around’ The results were noticed immediately and the aggression has continued to ‘dissolve away ‘ in the month since we visited. He (and myself too) is much more relaxed and calm in his approach to everyday activities. The few tantrums that have started have stopped very quickly and been forgotten ( these used to last an hour or more).

He has a much better sleep now as these used to be short and broken, now he is asleep soon after bed ( and after ‘codes’, which he requests himself ) and sleeps soundly until morning. My son has always had a bed wetting problem but he has not wet the bed since we visited. We will continue to practice the codes as I’m sure we will both benefit. I am very grateful for the help and would thoroughly recommend this therapy to anyone who needs to feel happier and healthier. Thanks so much Tony”

Anonymous Advanced Training Seminar Participants:

“I feel like my time spent today [in the Advanced Training] was priceless!”

“Very helpful, and I enjoyed it. I can see your “heart” – very good.”

“This has been an exceptional day of learning — my wheels are spinning so fast.”

“The Healing Codes Advanced Training – excellent and informative. Seeing the deeper workings of the Code was great!”

“I’m somewhat at a loss for words — so much thought provoking information. I have been involved in a spiritual direction program at my church for the past 13 months and I feel this dovetails so completely into how I am growing in my faith and my relationship with God and Jesus. I am overcome and ready to jump in and practice the Truth Technique.”

“Great Job! I’m anxious and excited to learn more!”

“I think your seminar is valuable and even revolutionary.”

“I am really excited about learning how to test on my own. I think this will improve my Healing Codes work. It will also help me to know which supplements to take, which could save money as well as keeping my liver from being overworked.”

“Truth Technique: I never saw this before, and I think its very valuable. I’m anxious to use this on my family and myself.”

“Memory Maker: I have never even thought about having to replace the destructive memories with “good memories”. This makes a lot of sense.”

“Seven Secrets: I am amazed about how this brings the principles of the Bible to life. Now I understand why there are conflicts of the heart and head and why we seek things that make us feel good.”

“There is a whole lot of information. I know that it will take a while to absorb all of it. I received a lot of hope today.”