Depression Emotions

Depression Emotions

Emotional, Spiritual and Relational Changes

“How do I begin to thank you adequately? There were life lessons I needed to learn, and I believe I’ve learned them now. I’ve lived in fear for years – I’m no longer living in fear. That really was taking a lot of the fun out of life.

“I’m beginning to see more clearly what the Healing Codes are doing for me. I’m thrilled to discover that I am more confidant and sociable and more the authentic me. How delightful! It’s easier to look people in the eye when we converse. I see physical, emotional, spiritual and relational changes. Maybe the sweetest is the wonderful peace that fills my whole being. My marriage is healthier and happier. What a blessing! … The list goes on….

“My husband does the Codes with me twice a day, and he has seen changes too… He’s delighted.

“I had pleaded for help for years, and I feel the Codes are an answer to those prayers. A loving Heavenly Father heard the pleadings of my heart, and led me to answers. Angels have been watching out for me. I will be eternally grateful to God and to you, Alex.

~~ Gwen S.