Dental Issues

Dental Issues

Dental Issues

“1. Received Healing Codes package on 2/4/05 and proceeded to start figuring just how it worked by reading the Manual and listening to CD No. 1.

2. Even though I didn’t know exactly how to begin the process, I went to the Ailment list in the back of the Manual and felt I needed to begin with Humility on 2/5/05.

3. On 2/6/05, after more study, I decided to start with Unforgiveness—I’ve been working on THESE issues for many decades but have never had a method for clearing the cellular memory until now. Thank you!!!

4. On 2/7/05 I did Unhealthy Actions and while going through the list, I said none of these apply to me until towards the end. It was then that Self-Protection and Isolation could not be ignored. So far, that has been the heaviest of all. Two psychics brought these issues to my attention recently.

5. On 2/8/05, Unhealthy Beliefs were not a major shock—they’ve been obvious to me for eons.

6. Regarding love on 2/9/05, I was allowing my truth statements to flow and one of my statements was “On Valentines Day, I choose to receive a dozen purple roses but red will do. However, I’d be very happy with just one red rose and some Valentines.

7. Today, on 2/10/05, my Virtue is Joy. After some processing and the prayer, I was again letting my truth statements flow while doing the exercises—they went something like this: ” I feel the joy of the doves that they found food to eat on my balcony right now. I choose to feel Joy when I’m driving to the dentist today. I allow myself to feel Joy when I’m at the dentist. I choose that the dentist be gentle and respect me, etc.”* [I’ve had at least three traumatic dental experiences.] When I arrived today, I told the dentist that I really would rather have only one filled today and I would come back another time for the second filling. [Drugs and I do not mix.] He assured me that would be OK, we’d just make another appointment. I have never had such a pleasant experience in a dental office in my life. Yes, I actually felt JOY when he so gently took his time with the injection, tears were rolling down my face with JOY—there was NO pain whatsoever. When he finished, he told me about the five crowns he would need to replace and the cost. It didn’t phase me. I even went so far as to tell him that I wanted to do something that he probably never had happen before in his life and I said, “I want to tip you, not much, but I just want to take this opportunity to share and let myself really feel the joy inside. For me this was quite amazing, to say the least, especially after his relating to me the amount of cash he needed to do these five gold crowns.

8. Story does not end here. As I was scheduling my next appointment, I noticed that it is on Valentines Day and mentioned that to his assistant. She said, “Oh yes, that’s a good day to come in because the Dr. Has asked me to pick up enough red roses on Sunday so that everyone can have one on Monday.

9. I stopped to do an errand on my way home and realized that I had just invested close to $4,500.00 in my teeth but really had nothing in my refrigerator to chew. Couldn’t stop laughing

10. I’ve come a long way in just six days.

11. I wish to express my appreciation to Mrs. Loyd for going into the pits of Hell so that these Codes could eventually be received from the Universe via Dr. Loyd. The Healing Codes allows those of us who choose to move stagnant energy out of our bodies and ultimately experience Transformation.

12. “Ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the Most High.” (Psalms 82:6)

Note: At my first appointment with this dentist, I had shared that I was into alternative healing and metaphysics. I had also told him that since we are self-healing organisms, we can live as long as we choose and I choose to live until I’m 150. So at my second appointment when he was doing his pitch as to why my porcelain crowns needed to be replaced, he told me that the present porcelain crowns would not make it for another 79 years, but the gold ones would.

A recycled teenager,
Anna Marie