Unforgiveness and Guilt

“As I told you on the phone, I have just completed my first 12 days using The Healing Codes. I had been so excited about receiving them and starting to work, that of course for the first day, Unforgiveness, I did the complete method as outlined in the manual. I had MANY unresolved unforgiveness issues, some about me forgiving others, but mostly about me forgiving myself. This was a huge area for me — I listed things and cried, listed more things and cried more, listed more things and sobbed … you get the picture.

After I completed both exercises for Unforgiveness and went back to review my notes, I could not even “find” the emotions which had been so strong as I made my list and found my picture. It was as if those things had almost happened to another person. I was amazed and grateful. Many of those issues had surrounded feelings of guilt I had over unresolved areas in our life at the time of my husband’s sudden death in 2003. I had become extremely upset any time I thought about them and felt I never could forgive myself for certain things. After doing the Healing Codes I felt such peace and now, 12 days later, still have total peace when I go back to those memories — no emotion at all, really.

For days 2 through 12, I actually did the “short version” of the codes, partly because I did not want to face such strong emotions again, and partly because of time. Starting about day 6, I suddenly realized I had slept the previous couple of nights straight through for a solid 8 hours, something I had not done for literally years! I have continued to sleep well, instead of tossing and turning and waking up numerous times as I had for so long. Now I will be contacting my coach to work on specific issues and will definitely be reporting back, as I know God –through Dr. Loyd and The Healing Codes — will bring healing to all areas my life and the lives of my family.

I thank God for Dr. Loyd and for all of you at The Healing Codes who have persisted and persevered to bring this great gift to all of us. The future looks bright now as it has not for a long time.”

God Bless You,
Gwen “Within the few weeks I’ve been working with The Healing Codes, I’ve changed, now feeling free to talk to people and express my own opinion. That might sound insignificant for some, but for me it is a big step.

I’ve dealt with an abandonment issue all my life, always worrying that if I say something, others might not like it and leave me, ignore me, or just not hear or see me—a fear of being invisible to others. Healing this belief makes a big difference in my daily life.”
~~ Therese