Advanced Training Testimonials

Advanced Training Testimonials

Advanced Training Testimonials

“Healing Codes (Advanced) – excellent, informative seeing a deeper workings of the codes. Great!”

“Very profound. Lots of work ahead, hope I’m up to the task. Definitely want video, too many physical reactions and alot of material to absorb. Wish you had seminar in written form (my learning style) for review. With love and thanks,  ~~Paula M. Black”.

“Thank you so much for bringing this work forward. I think it’s great work and very needed. I will personally do the Healing Codes and report back. Thanks ~~ EIeanor W. Chin”.

“This seminar is excellent. I am using it and it has helped my son with respiratory problems. I am using it for the Kindness virtue which meets a physical problem I have. ~~ Barbara Taylor.”

“Dr. Alexander Loyd and Dr. Ben Johnson were the keynote speakers at our annual Scholars’ Reunion this past year. They taught everyone The Healing Codes, did pre- and post-session HRV tests to show the effectiveness of the treatments, and taught The Healing Codes Advanced Training material. Of the 50 people who were at the conference, there were only two who were not in HRV balance after one Healing Code treatment. Six of these same people retested 24 hours later, and all 6 were still in HRV balance with no additional treatment. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that—when asked at the end of the conference to raise their hands if they had experienced physical or nonphysical healing over the weekend as a result of doing The Healing Codes—all 50 people raised their hands. There were participants with major diseases, some in great health, and just about everything in between. The Healing Codes worked for everyone. The Advanced Training material was awesome. We have been having these conferences for years, and a number of people said that this was the most powerful event they had ever experienced.”
~~ Bill McGrane, President
McGrane Institute, Inc.

“I’m a professional speaker and the co-author of the Woman’s book from the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I just spent the day with Dr. Alex Loyd doing The Healing Codes Advanced Training program. Alex is absolutely dedicated to this knowledge of The Healing Codes. I think it’s a cutting edge technology that he has developed and is teaching. I’ve heard so many people with fantastic, fantastic results. He comes to this program with a fully open heart, with clarity, with authenticity. I am going away inspired to apply The Healing Codes to my own life and to see the great results that I’ve heard from so many others.”
~~ Marcy Shimoff
Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“I derived wonderful benefits from taking the Healing Codes Advanced Training. Dr. Loyd gives a thousand percent of himself in the Training. The Advanced Training has allowed me to deepen the benefits from the Healing Codes on a whole new and exciting level. I experience an easier and a richer access to my intuition and creative self. The Truth Technique is so profoundly effective that I cannot imagine operating without it at this point in time. I find that I am self-nurturing in a way that I never knew before. I feel more complete, whole and connected to God/Source. Truly, the rewards have exceeded my preconceived ideas or expectations of how I would experience the material in the seminar. I hope everyone who has been working with The Healing Codes will make the opportunity to accelerate the realization of their inner potential by taking the Advanced Training!”
~~ Suzie