distance healing son

distance healing son

Distance Healing Reluctant Son

“I have kids from 12 to 25 and there are varying degrees of how they feel about it [The Healing Codes]. I’ve told them all about it. My 25-year-old daughter, when she has time – she has three children – she uses it. She’s the one that had the baby that was healed. She uses it regularly.

I have an 18-year-old son that has used it three times and has an amazing experience every time. He quit playing WarCraft in just one session because he thought it was wasting his time – a video game.

My fourteen-year-old son who’s really cool and can’t do anything like that. You know how that age group gets bummed and depressed all the time. He walks around the house like that. He really got bad one morning when his brothers went on this fishing trip and they couldn’t take him or they didn’t take him for whatever reason and he was very distraught and I was beside myself with what to do. So I just went in the other room and I did the Joy codes on him. I was reading some verses and read a couple to him and he just perked up and listened and started talking and just had a great day after that. He was smiling the entire day. He didn’t even know I did it.”

~~ Tena Mailet, Northwestern Missouri