Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure, Heart Arrhythmia, Weight Loss

“I first heard about The Healing Codes from my wife and that was a couple of years ago. A year ago I had to see a cardiologist for the first time in my life, with a very pronounced arrhythmia, which is irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, swelling, a lot of fluid around the heart. It was a little intimidating back then. But I got through that and they put me on a lot of medication. I had to go and see them again this past week.

In the meantime, I started working with The Codes because I had developed high blood sugar, which is not good. We were working on high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and the irregular heart beat. This went on for six months. I didn’t see any change or any improvement. I still had high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I went to the cardiologist yesterday and all he found was my arrhythmia is gone, my weight is down, my blood pressure was normal, so things that I wasn’t working on and hadn’t even gotten to yet – it was healing other things that are obviously more pressing. So I’m sure now it will probably get to the high blood sugar. So we were excited about all that.

The learning curve for me was pretty quick because I had her [wife] showing me. So I had a 24-hour coach. I picked them up right off. Then believed in them because she believes in them. I never really wavered over the six months, except I thought; “It’s probably going to take a lot longer on me probably because I’m stubborn.” Evidently, though, it prioritizes.

I love to listen to Dr. Loyd and Dr. Johnson. I could listen to them all day. They’re not flashy. They’re not glitzy. They just speak right from the heart and they’re serious about it. I think they’re both great.

The bottom line is it’s really about faith and your belief in God to get you started. I understand The Codes work on people who have no faith. But it’s certainly a lot easier to get started if you have the faith and you believe in God and you believe in Jesus Christ.

I’m staying with them.”

~~ Larry – Edmond, Oklahoma