Prolapse 2

Prolapse 2

Prolapsed Uterus

I am writing regarding the work I did with my coach around my prolapsed uterus. About a year after the birth of my twins, which was my 4th pregnancy, my uterus significantly prolapsed. I did some work with Bowen therapy, and it moved back into its normal position. Several years later, it prolapsed again, but not to the degree it had initially. I tried Bowen therapy again, but this time it did not move.

A few years later, I was introduced to The Healing Codes by a friend. I bought the materials and as part of the initial cost, eight personal sessions were included with a Healing Code practitioner. I began to work with my coach on other areas of concern, but before we began the work around my uterus, I wanted to be measured, so I would have empirical data. I was examined by a certified nurse midwife and director of a birthing center. My uterus measured 2 fingerbreadths (FB) up and was in mid position. In my next personal Coding session with my coach, he created a code for “stabilizing my uterus in a youthful, normal position”. I went to the birthing center to be measured again eight months later. The uterus measured 3 FB up, which is the standard position, and my uterus was in the retroverted position, which is normal for me and the position it was in before I had any children. Please note that it did not take that long for the work to be done. I believe from the clinical picture, it moved up early on while doing the work with the Codes. I waited eight months to go back; because I wanted to be sure the normalized position would hold up over time. And it did!!

I experienced my coach as kind, compassionate, creative, patient, gentle, understanding, and generous, as well as being a good listener. The good news is the work with him is done over the phone, with follow-up exercises of The Healing Codes done at home by the individual. As surgery is the only offering the medical community has to offer for a prolapsed uterus, I highly recommend The Healing Codes as an alternative.

~~ B. Moser