12 Day Journey

12 Day Journey

12 Days

“From the moment I arrived at the Maui Tropical Plantation presentation of the work, I knew the Holy Spirit had led me to this moment. What I did not expect to find was a refinement, a fine-tuning, and scientific documentation of energy healing.

“I have been praying for several years for the Holy Spirit to fill me with the fruits of the Spirit as listed in the bible. Imagine my delight when I saw all nine of them listed as the virtues. My intention was to take my time and go through the book slowly, a little at a time, not at all convinced that 12 days would be enough. I was invited to join a group of people who were doing the 12 Days and i know the power of a group coming together with a common focus.

“So began my 12-day journey deeper and higher than I’ve ever gone. It took only the first three days for me to know why I still had not been fully filled with the virtues. I had not done the work on the inhibitors. Unforgiveness, Harmful Actions, and Wrong Beliefs.

“Every cell of my body sings today and it is only Day 10. I look forward to working through Humility and my really big one, Self-Control. Thank you, Dr. Alex and Dr. Ben, for giving us this work that will revolutionize the world.”

~~ Kathryn L.