Your Answer Lies In The _________!

Your Answer Lies In The _________!

The Cutting Edge, presented by Dr. Alex Loyd, will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

The topic this week is ‘Your Answer Lies in the 4th Dimension

If you are registered for the free Membership, you will get an e-mail with the dial in details and you can also find that information in your Member area.

If you are NOT yet registered (remember, registration is free), you can register easily by clicking on the Home tab at the top of this page and following the instructions in the section titled ‘Start Here For Your Free Membership’.  You will also see many of the other benefits of free registration.

Hope to ‘see’ you on The Cutting Edge on Wednesday!


    1. Easy – go to – stay on the front page and look just below the navigation for a section that says ‘Start Here for your Free Membership’. Click the link that says ‘go here to register’ and follow those instructions. After you complete your free registration you will have access to the Member area where you will see everything you need.

      1. Hm, still not seeing any archive access. I’m logged in as a member and followed all instructions.

  1. I was working at 1:00 and hoping to listen to it tonight, but it was not listed in the archives. I am also disappointed that you will be taking this off eventually unless you subscribe to be able to hear it at a later time. Although I understand you need to make a living, this seems to be moving more in a direction to increase profits rather than to help people.

    1. The Cutting Edge calls are generally in the archives within 24 hours – yesterday’s call is there now.

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