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These New Glasses Will Change Your Life – Dr. Alex Loyd

Looking through rose-colored glassesI’ve heard all my life from people who wear glasses (I don’t) “Oh, I need to get my glasses changed. I’m not quite seeing as well.” Then they get them changed and it’s like there is a whole new world. Things aren’t fuzzy anymore. Things aren’t distorted anymore. We’ve heard the expression, “Seeing through rose-colored glasses” or “seeing through distorted glasses” speaking metaphorically about how we are looking at the world.

I believe that is true. I believe that almost all of us all the time are looking through distorted, slanted, or some colored glasses at the world. The reason that is important is because we want to be looking at the world through clear glasses. We want to see the truth, right? And we want to come from a place of truth. But in my experience that is almost never the case.

Let me give you an example. For more than 20 years I have asked people two questions: What do you want more than anything else right now? And, what are you most afraid of right now? I started that when I was in full-time ministry. I continued when I did secular and pastoral counseling. I continued in The Healing Codes and when I traveled around with Dr. Ben. The last 100 people I have asked the question, “What do you want more than anything else” and I did not coach them. I didn’t try to get them to answer any certain thing. The thing they told me when I asked just one or two probing questions was not the thing that they wanted more than anything else. Even though they said that without any manipulation at all, “Yes, this is what I want more than anything else.” Are you sure? “Yes, this is what I want more than anything else.” Then I ask them a couple of questions and they say, “Oh, wow! I guess that wasn’t right. I guess that wasn’t what I wanted more than anything else.”

That’s just one example of how we see the world through colored glasses. We see the world in a way that it isn’t. Some people see the world in a way that is unrealistic rosy. “I’m going to be a mega-billionaire so I’m just going to keep charging on my credit card because I know I’m going to be filthy rich and it’s not going to matter.” They end up in huge debt. Most people are on the other end and are so pessimistic and negative and bitter about life. They are kind of seeing the world through dark colored glasses. In ether extreme they are not seeing the world truthfully.

In other words we tend to look through the lenses of fear or desire, but not of truth. The lenses are determined by past programming. Which lens you are looking through determines what you see. What you see determines what you feel and what you think and what you do. In other words it determines your results.

Fear based lenses put your heart in a place where it is seeing things through a “My life is in danger” perspective. Everything is seen under that false lens of “I’m in danger”, “People are out to get me”, “This is going to turn out badly”, you name it.

The lens of desire, on the other hand, makes all the consequences drop away and we can only see that thing that we want, usually, from our five senses: seeing, tasting, touching, smelling, feelings.

I want you to test it. Look at something in your mind’s eye, through your imagination, and then feel the feeling that goes along with it. Look at something negative in your imagination and then see how you feel. Look at something positive in your imagination and again see how you feel. Look at something potentially life-threatening and see how you feel.

How many of you have been startled at some time or another by something that turned out to be nothing?

I’ll never forget when my oldest son Harry was startled by a stick and absolutely went through the roof. He just knew it was a snake and was yelling and screaming and ran to get us. “There’s a snake! There’s a snake!” It was a stick.

Fairs and carnivals learned to make a living on that by startling people with things that were totally non-threatening. They tricked the people into believing that they were threatening. The trick still makes you feel the anxiety, fear, sadness, desire, whatever it is.

Here’s what you have to do about it. You have to find the programming that is forcing the wrong lenses to be in front of your eyes and change the programming to truth and love. How do you do that? You do it by tracking your feelings, your actions, and your thoughts. You do the little test I told you by thinking about something positive. In this case don’t just think about something positive, but think about that thing that you are thinking about – eating ice cream to an unhealthy extent, of the negative thing – these financial problems are going to kill me. You are so focused on them you feel terrible and you can’t think about anything else.

Take a look at that thing, either desire or fear, that you are looking through, feel the feelings that are related to that and then track it back to the lie that originated it. It may be something when you were 5 or 10 or 20 years old. It always starts with an event where we get off-track and start believing a lie. That is the wrong programming. It has to be healed. It has to be changed in order for you to see yourself and see your life circumstances through the truth.

These dark glasses are just like dirt or toxins in the air or water or on your body. They will silently make you sick. They will stress you out. They will create illness and disease. They will destroy relationships. They will ruin your life. By starting to look through clear lenses, lenses of truth and love, it can change your perspective on anything and everything in your life and all of a sudden things start to get better.

If you are looking through distorted glasses in either direction, you have to find the programming that is causing those lenses to come up on your eyes. Track it back. Replace the bad programming with programming of truth and love. The clear glasses will come up automatically when that happens. You will start to see everything in your life differently. You circumstances will almost immediately, in my experience, start to change.

The last 100 people that I have asked that question and only two of them have had the right answer – that means 98% of the people thought they wanted something that is not really what they wanted. Once they realized that and started to look at what they wanted through the lenses of truth and love, a lot of times nothing else was required. That in and of itself was the healing event that changed their life.

You can do that with effort and what I call “mental sweat” where you try to track those things down and change them. I advise that. But I highly advise using energy medicine to heal those things because a lot of them are in the un- and subconscious. With energy medicine you can do it in a very short period of time versus a lot of time and maybe never.

Again, all energy medicine is, is a screwdriver, wrench or hammer – it’s a tool made to fix energy problems in the body. Just like you would use a toothbrush as a tool to brush your teeth but you wouldn’t us it as a tool to fix your car engine, to heal these energy problems we need an energy tool. When we get a really good one, sometimes it works like magic. I highly advise that.

The Healing Codes – Dr. Alex Answers – What about when I am sick?

sickHow can The Healing Codes help you figure out what you really want when you are sick?

Question:  I have a fever of about 101. What I think I want here, right, is to feel better physically, to be well, to not be sick. Do you say that’s not what I really want?

Dr. Alex Loyd: I can’t answer that question. You have to answer the question. You would go through the process. Okay, why do I want to feel better? That’s a fine thing to start with, “I want to feel better.” A whole lot of people have that. Why do I want to feel better? What I believe, because I did this in my practice in counseling and therapy before I ever heard about that study. I came up with that same conclusion that that’s really what everybody wants whether they know it or not.

Yes, I would say that in my experience, which may be wrong at any time, and opinion, which is usually wrong, I would say that isn’t what you really want. I think what you really want is love, joy and peace and self worth. If you have that, you can feel good even when you’re sick.

You know what I mean by that?

Question: Oh yeah!

Dr. Alex Loyd: You can feel good even when you’re sick. You can have joy even when you’re sick. You can have peace even when you’re sick. You can feel good about yourself even when you’re sick. And you can find, this is really important too, Lorrie, when you do that and you focus on what you really want rather than what you think you want you are able to have gratitude.

Question: Yes, I like that.

Dr. Alex Loyd: You can sit there and say, “You know what? I’ve got 101 fever but thank you that I don’t have something worse than that. Thank you that maybe I get a little time to rest while I’m sick.”

Question: And thank you that my body is working well. Thank you for that!

Dr. Alex Loyd: To me it is an absolutely lynch pin “ah-ha” attitude changer to say when something comes up in your day when you get angry, when you get frustrated, when you’re sad, when you’re afraid or worried, go through this simple little process to determine for you “what do I really want here?” I’m angry because I think I want the stock market to start going up instead of going down like a one of those rides at the fair that goes straight down. I’m watching my money trickle away. I think that’s what I really want and so I’m angry because I’m watching my money deplete. Well, it helps tremendously and almost instantly if you tell yourself, “No, no, no. That is a lie. That’s not what I really want.” What I really want – discover this for yourself. Don’t take my word for it. Continue to ask why. What I really want is to feel love and joy and peace and to feel good about me.

When you do that and say “I refuse to focus on what I think I want any more. I’m going to focus on what I really want.” Then that love, joy, peace and feeling good about yourself starts to really translate into your body, your feelings, your thinking. It can change your day around on a dime.

What can help you with your spiritual issues of the heart when you are sick?  Why not start with The Heart Issues Finder?   It is free, takes about 10 minutes and you will get the results immediately.  This is a great starting place to help you figure out WHAT your heart issues are and you can take the Heart Issues Finder as many times as you want – always free – to help in your Healing Codes journey.

Healing the Fears of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Aging


We are starting a program called The Intensive-Healing the fears of Alzheimer’s, dementia and aging on August 10, 2015.

This program is not for everyone. In fact, you may quickly determine if it would be good for you to participate. This Intensive is focused on healing beliefs that are fear-filled.

You may ask yourself which of these you believe:

1.     You are worried that Alzheimer’s and dementia are inevitable.

2.     You just don’t want to deal with this subject.

3.     You are relying on the pharmaceutical industry and the medical establishment to find a treatment or cure.

4.     You are terrified at the prospect of this.

5.     You are willing to look at the underlying causes of these diseases.

6.     You aren’t completely willing to accept medicine’s “causes unknown” as the answer.

7.  You are willing to work to change your beliefs that are interfering with your health and happiness.

8.     You are willing to look at a wide range of causative factors that may be involved:

·       Spiritual-energetic

·       Mental-emotional

·       Chemical-physical

·       Environmental

·       Hormonal-enzymatic

·       Genetics

There was a Q&A session on Saturday, August 8.  Please listen to the replay – there were MANY good questions and answers.


For more information, right now, about the Intensive itself that starts on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 1 PM US Eastern time (New York),
click here and please join us!

Don’t be Jealous!

Don't be jealousChristian educator Henrietta Mears said, ‘The man who keeps busy helping the man below him, won’t have time to be jealous of the man above him.’ Doctor Seuss wrote hundreds of children’s stories. One of his most famous is about the Grinch, a cartoon character who gets so jealous of others that he ends up biting himself. Jealousy does that. It targets others, but ends up consuming you. God blessed King Saul and lifted him from obscurity to the highest position in Israel. But when David slew Goliath and won the adulation of the people, Saul started acting insecure and threatened. Instead of rejoicing that God had sent David to help him, he grew resentful and became ‘David’s enemy from that time forward’ (1 Samuel 18:9). The Bible says, ‘A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body; jealousy is like cancer in the bones.’ Jealousy is malignant; left unchecked it can destroy every relationship in your life. It poisons your attitude by making you compare yourself with others. Jealousy Saul’s jealousy cost him his throne, his family, his respect in the eyes of the people, and ultimately his life. Don’t let jealousy do that to you. Repent before it robs you of your destiny. God made all of us His children when none of us deserved it. So when you feel resentful of somebody else’s blessings, ask God to remind you of the many ways in which He has blessed you even when you didn’t deserve it.

A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones. Proverbs 14:30


The above devotion was written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities and used here with permission.



Looking In the Right Mirror

Looking in the right mirrorThe world’s best fashion designers are concerned with the total look of the models they send down the catwalk. They must have perfect accessories and the right hairstyle, make-up, etc.

And it’s the same with God. He created you as a whole person with specific features, personality traits, and emotional strengths. He designed you to be a vibrant, thinking, feeling and fully-functioning human being with your own unique attractiveness. But He endowed you with more than just physical appearance. He gave you talents and spiritual gifts – inner qualities He wants you to develop and use for His purposes. What you are on the inside should determine how you see yourself on the outside.

When your looks determine your worth, a few extra pounds can wipe you out; so can magazine covers that trumpet beauty without character. You’re looking in the wrong mirror!

When your self-worth comes from God instead of people, you can wear a $10 outfit from a charity shop or a $1000 one from an up-scale boutique. You are fine either way, because you recognize that your outer appearance doesn’t define who you are, or determine your worth in God’s eyes. Inner beauty can’t be bought, taken off a rack, applied like make-up or put on like a new suit. It’s an ‘inside job’. So look at yourself today in God’s mirror and try to see what He values most: inner beauty.

The above devotion was written/compiled from multiple sources by Tim Hetzner, President of Lutheran Church Charities and used here with permission.