Natural News on The Healing Codes

Natural News on The Healing Codes

There is a great article about Energy Healing over on Natural News.  They agree that our bodies have an energy field running through them and if this energy is disturbed, pain and disease follow.

Here is what they have to say about The Healing Codes –

The Healing Code was developed by Alex Loyd, PhD and ND, who prayed twelve years for an answer to his wife’s depression. They had used prayer, EFT, and a variety of other modalities with no long term results. Finally in 2001, the idea for the Healing Code came to him. Within a short period of time the depression was gone and never returned. In 2004, his co-author, Ben Johnson, MD, DO, and NMD had just been diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s or ALS. Dr. Ben started using the Healing Code; within three months all of his symptoms were gone and never returned, unheard of with ALS.

They ask some interesting questions –

Is this just the beginning?

Should it be our first line of defense against any issue we face?

Would love to know what you think.  Let’s talk about this


  1. Any way that we can heal naturally, without using medication(which in turn causes another malady) I am all for! This is probably why we tend to seek out and want to be with upbeat people who make us feel better.

  2. What I love about this modalilty is its simplicity. It chimes with my idea of God – that His prime purpose is to love us – no fire and brimstone, just a gentle way to get us into the zone of well-being, where it’s easier to make clearer soul choices because you feel good.

  3. energy healing is already existing for years. I have been healed by my friend who is a paranormal healer 30 years. And it helps very much. And there is reconnective healing now also etc.etc.

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