Healing Codes Questions? Get Answers!

Healing Codes Questions? Get Answers!

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  1. my questions are similar to those asked by Antonieta Zayas of March 15,2011, can I have the reply email to me?
    thank you

    1. There was no e-mail reply. This is not the place to ask questions that require it.

      If you have a question, please attend the Thursday Q&A and ask it in the proper

  2. regarding the reply to Mark Pingaro as to how long will it take to heal, at what point
    (if any) can we assume that there was no physical healing of a particular condition
    using the Codes? I know you say that “it takes as long as it takes” how long is it
    reasonable to expect? 6 months, 1 yr, 2yrs? Being that Dr Ben was healed within
    a 3 month period of ALS, some people are probably gaging their healing by his quick
    progress. In your opinion, why do you feel his recovery was so quick when others
    have much less serious conditions & take much much longer to heal? I have a condtion
    I am working on but have not shown progress yet, I have been doing the codes since
    October , 2010 although I have to admit, not always regularly, but prettly regular most of
    the time.

    Thank you

    1. Great question for the Thursday night Q&A where you can ask your question
      directly. E. Thomas Costello, head of the coaching program for The Healing
      Codes, does that call specifically for issues like yours.

      1. Just wanting to know what type of questions
        are for this page that can be asked?

        1. You can ask anything but don’t expect a personal reply from The Healing Codes. There have been VERY personal questions asked and people have included their full names and e-mail addresses. This is totally public and anyone can see that information. I edit full names and e-mail addresses out for your safety. There are places provided by The Healing Codes for that. The Thursday Q&A and the forum. Both are available for members. Membership is free but makes these private so spammers, scammers and other nefarious people don’t see them – particularly the Thursday Q&A – that is live and in person and is designed for personal questions. It’s easy to register too – just go to the home page of this site and follow the instructions there to register. We are concerned for you safety and we monitor and reply in the other two venues.

          Here you can ask and reply to general questions – this forum is really for discussion – not having personal questions answered.

          Hope this helps

  3. Hi! I am doing the codes and feel the change that is going on in me. I haven’t seen results in my body yet but I am sure I’ll be healed. I bought the book and started doing them right away and of course I have some questions. Right now I’d like to ask about something that happens to me when doing the codes. We are supposed to think about a memory that is similar to the way we are feeling at the moment of doing the codes, well my question is, what happens if I cannot get a specific time when I felt that emotion but I know that that specific feeling lasted for years, can I address only the feeling? for example the feeling of abandonment that I had for so many years, does it work if I only focus on that instead of a specific ocassion? there are so many… lol! Another doubt I have is that if I feel sooo good at the moment of doing the codes, it’s difficult for me to think of times when I felt so bad, but I know the illness or whatever is still there, can I just think of the bad feelings I used to have even if at the moment everything is fine? and….finally, if I do the codes for someone else, how do I address their memories if I don’t know what they feel, I only know what is wrong with them at the moment. Maybe these things are not very important when doing the codes but I just want to do them the best I can. The very least feeling I get when doing the codes is feeling relaxed and safe and this is wonderful to me. thank you so much for your answers and blessings from Mexico

  4. I have been reading the testimonials and I am wondering why people are having success with them and I am not so far. I was diagnosised with ALS Jan. 3rd of this year. I have been doing the 12 day program. I am on the second round of the 12 day program. So far I am not seeing anything. I do the healing codes 4 times a day.


    1. The subject of “how long will it take to heal?” comes up frequently. It is common for us to think in terms of time: how long will it be before it stops raining, how long will it be before dinner is ready, how long will it be before I am rich, happy, successful, etc.? These questions during a car trip, for instance, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” add stress. They are a focus on what we don’t have. Stress slows down or even prevents healing. Enjoying the trip/journey is far more effective.

      Here is the straight answer:
      It takes as long as it takes.

      How long did it take to develop the illness? That is a valuable question too because it can give us an idea of how long things take (for us) to have something go from the spiritual to the mental level to the emotional level and finally show up in our physical experience.

      Look for evidence of change in these areas:
      1. Notice if your thinking is more positive or less positive. More positive means you are more open, more growth-oriented, less closed, less self-protecting. Being open is essential to healing. Notice if you are focused on the condition you want to create or on the condition you don’t want. Creating what you want is much more effective than fighting what you don’t want. You are adding your energy to whatever you are focused on.
      2. Notice if your emotions are more upbeat, more engaged. Think of clear healthy energy flowing like a mountain stream. Is this what you feel or is the energy flow sluggish, muddy, discouraging?
      3. Finally, notice the physical changes. They will be the very last to show up. They more excited you are, the more positively expectant you are, the more grateful you are, the faster these results appear.

      In my language, we are healing beliefs. Said another way, we are changing our consciousness. As you might imagine, the consciousness of a person who is healed will be different than a person who is ill. Be open to changing you and having you change.

      1. Tom, keeping in mind how long it took to develop the illness is very valuable. Most of us have spent years or decades carrying all this junk around within us.

        Then we expect to do a couple of sessions of the Healing Code and expect these illnesses to disappear instantly!

        Today’s culture promises, no — guarantees instant results. Everything must be instant, or it’s no good. Who has time for patience?

        Thanks to your reply, I’m getting a better feel for using this method.

  5. I have the Healing codes Book so why do I need additional material, I thought that the healing codes book promises that if you do the codes that are in the book it will work.


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