Do you recommend using the Codes during pregnancy?

Do you recommend using the Codes during pregnancy?


  1. Wow thank you for the opportunity to share the gift that you can give your child. Your child will have stored in his/her cellular memory every thought you think, every word you speak/or spoken to you, every experience you have and live through every circumstance that is in existence in your life during your pregnancy–Doing the codes with the Love Intention that your child will only receive Love and Truth and your beliefs/actions/words that create stress, fear, condemnation for you does not have to become theirs. Encourage you to speak love, power, and encouragement into this beautiful spirit you are carrying. Blessings and Love, Linda

  2. We recommend that any medical attention necessary for the mother and the fetus be obtained from medical professionals you trust.

    Since the Codes are for the reduction of stress we think that their use is not contra-indicated in any condition. In fact, people use the Codes to heal issues that seem to be interfering with getting pregnant in the first place.

    Because we talk about cellular memories, yours and your ancestors, it would be beneficial to eliminate any and all of those which cause disharmony.

    Personally, I would imagine an easier pregnancy, a better ‘soil’/environment for the developing baby, an easier labor for the mother and an easier birth for the baby and a more balanced experience for both after the birth for people using the Healing Codes. Pretty appealing set of images, right?

    I just bought but am only on the second chapter of “Origins: How the nine months before birth shape the rest of our lives.” In my work as a Coach and head of the Healing Codes Coaching program I come across clients who refer to what seem to be in utero and birth experiences and decisions made then.

    I see this area as unbelievably important to babies, mothers, fathers, and families and then the rest of the world’s population.

    I hope this is helpful.

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