How can I help sick and injured animals?

How can I help sick and injured animals?

“I bought the book to help sick and injured animals at the shelter where I am a volunteer.  I don’t have pictures to focus on.  Can I just focus on the illness?  Also can I do the code for several animals at a time? We have so many that I would be doing this all day and nothing else.  Similarly, if I’m praying for a sick friend or relative, I won’t know the heart issue behind the illness.  Once again, can I just focus on the illness?

I’ll let you know if we have success with our leukemia kittens and feline aids adults.  Also our paralyzed cat who was hit by a car and drags his hind quarters.”


  1. Give the animals love and speak to them as you believe they can be not as they are–This is a beautiful way to be with all people.
    Blessings, Linda

  2. Thanks for the volunteer work you do.

    Instead of focusing on the current condition and delivering energy into it, try focusing on what you imagine as the ideal scene for the animals. Some people think animals are animals. I personally think animals are people but with differences. With that thought in mind, you can imagine if you were dealing with child or other humans would they could be feeling regarding their situations. I think it is the same with animals.

    They, like you and me, want to feel safe, loved, loving, free, valuable, like we make a difference, etc. Tell them that, let them know they are and do.

    Yes, you can do the Code on the group. Stress is the culprit for animals and people and all living things.

    It occurs to me that the cats are not the patients in most cases, but rather the teachers. I will bet you have been a great student learning of your capacity to love isn’t limited to only the most well-behaved, prettiest, healthiest of cats. It reminds me of Jesus’ willingness to connect to and help heal people not very appealing to the powerful and the masses. He saw an different opportunity.

    BTW, leukemia can be linked to beliefs in being helpless, hopeless and giving up.

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