Star Trek and Us

Star Trek and Us

Are you a Star Trek fan?  I know I am and today’s Cutting Edge call was ‘Star Trek and Us’.  E. Thomas Costello put Star Trek in a light that I’m sure many of us never thought.  Of course, Star Trek was all about exploring new frontiers but Tom talked about exploring our inner frontiers.

Tom said we are all composites of ALL the Star Trek personalities:

  • Kirk, the leader
  • Mr. Spock, the logical,
  • Scotty, the guy behind the scenes who gets it done
  • Dr. McCoy, the caregiver
  • and so on

We all have times when we are just like all of them.

Listen to Tom talk about Star Trek and Us and exploring our inner space.  The call recording  is in the archives .   Then be sure to check back here next week to find out about the next Cutting Edge call.  They are free and you will get dial in details right here on the blog!