What Wall is Your _______ On?

What Wall is Your _______ On?

The Cutting Edge will be on Wednesday at 1pm Central, 2pm Eastern.

The topic this week is ‘What Wall is Your Ladder On?‘

This week we have a special guest speaker, Ken Johnston. Ken is the CEO of The Healing Codes and is the GLUE that binds all together.  He oversees all the pieces to help the team succeed, oversees product development, marketing and whatever is needed for a better foundation of the company.

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Hope to ‘see’ you on The Cutting Edge on Wednesday!

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  1. I am focused on one thing. Jesus said that success in prayer depended on whether or not you doubt in your heart. I want to know how to fix my heart so that it does not doubt when I put the promises of God into practice. The sooner…the better.

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