The Healing Codes–for Weight Management?

The Healing Codes–for Weight Management?

One of my clients has an interesting theory:  “Heart issues (literally) carry weight.”

She came to this conclusion because she notices that as her issues healed, she lost weight.

“One thing that happened as a by-product (I wasn’t even working on this issue) is that I lost 10 pounds absolutely without any effort at all,” Mary wrote. “I noticed my clothes were fitting better, so I weighed myself. I had lost 5 pounds! I found myself eating whatever I wanted, but I wanted mostly healthy things now. (This is totally new for me.) I would be satisfied with just a small piece of chocolate. After another couple of weeks, I lost 5 more pounds–again, effortlessly. I have energy, I feel so good. This is the best weight-loss program I’ve ever come across!”

She wrote again a couple of weeks later to report that after she had a breakthrough after we uncovered a generational memory and she healed the unforgiveness/bitterness associated with it, she felt “light as a feather.” Here’s what she wrote (emphasis hers):

“I feel like a NEW PERSON.  I am not who I was.  I feel light as a feather.  I feel AMAZINGLY POSITIVE.  I feel CLEAR-HEADED.  I feel FREE!  I am a NEW PERSON.  I could go on, but you know what I mean.  I even thought to myself after a couple of days on that super-targeted code, ‘Well, that’s got to be at least another pound of JUNK gone—I’ll go weigh myself!’ and, sure enough, I’d lost another pound! Ha!  I’m telling you, Diane, this CRUD we carry has actual, physical weight!  I feel like a teenager again after dropping that darkness from my Grandpa that was cloaking me my entire life.  I feel like a happy, light, energized, motivated, innocent little girl!”

I have to add, my own experience mirrors Mary’s. I too lost at least 10 pounds without trying. I was just working on my heart issues, and things shifted so that I’m not using food to deal with heart issues.

And who knows, perhaps Mary is right–heart issues have actual, physical weight, and when the weight of the issues is gone, and you “feel light as a feather,” you actually are lighter.

Diane Eble is a Certified Healing Codes Coach/Practitioner and the editor of The Healing Code.

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  1. The answer of science is. We have over weight when we say that the food for us is a solution. When I eat I have to ask me. I try to eat anything due to my problems to solve, damp, comfort, or to displace? If I eat only when I realize that eating is no solution for me. then I lose weight. When I feel stress I have cortisol in the body. if I have cortisol, I suppose to weight. if I do not have cortisol and believe that food is safe. I lose weight. anxiety before eating, interpretation and wrong do command the metabolism. which is true. I can eat as much as I want. I can eat anything. I can eat whenever I want. I just have to believe that food is ok. that certain food is safe. It is chocolate, ice cream, sugar, fat, burgers, ect. wants to eat as much as you. Unfortunately, these scientific facts are suppressed.

    Anyone who has questions can contact me. [email protected]

    I myself use the Healing Codes for years. It would be nice if Dr. Alex Loyd could develop these scientific facts specific codes.

    Greatings from Germany

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