The Healing Codes Question – You Ask, Tom Answers

The Healing Codes Question – You Ask, Tom Answers

May 26, 2011

Members – don’t forget the Thursday Night Forums calls.

Every Thursday (tonight at 8:30 Eastern) there is an open Q&A with E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes Coaching program! You can ask any question related to The Healing Codes or The Healing Code book.

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Once you are a free member you will have access to many things, including the Thursday Q&A calls plus a new feature – e-mail your questions in advance if you can’t be on the call! Tom will answer as many questions as he can and you can listen to the call at your convenience to hear his answer. If you are a member, e-mail Tom at thursdayqa @ You ask, Tom answers.

Please remember, this is not the place to ask your personal questions – please ask them on the call or in the method recommended on the Member page. Generally, personal questions will NOT be answered here.


  1. when I first came to register on this site there was a link which allowed me to have access to The Healing Code- Personal tracking form, but now I can’t seem to find that link and I would like to print some more worksheets as I continue to allow God to heal me. Where can I find that link or the worksheets?

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