Are You Facing Problems?

Are You Facing Problems?

Sometimes we all face problems that defy easy solutions. If you find yourself facing a difficult decision, here’s a simple formula for making the right choice: let God decide. Instead of fretting about your future, pray about it.

When you consult your Heavenly Father early and often, you’ll discover that the quiet moments you spend with God can be very helpful. When you listen to Him carefully and often, God will quietly lead you along a path of His choosing, a path that is right for you.

So the next time you arrive at one of life’s inevitable crossroads, take a moment or two to bow your head and have a chat with the Ultimate Advisor. When you do, you’ll never stay lost for long.

Written by Pete Imlah and used with permission of Lutheran Charities.


  1. So true. Ive had some amazing results with the Healing Code – after suffering from sinus pain since Jan 2010, I read the book about a month ago and sinus trouble not completely gone but theres no pain now just a little discomfort AT TIMES not all the time. Im ‘gobsmacked’ by it to be honest. Plus when I do it I find it so relaxing and positive. A big thanks to everybody concerned in bringing the book to us.

  2. How strange just seen this on my FB page after a day of thinking how I can resolve a problem thats come up and not finding any answers. Im looking at this as a positive message from above. Thank you.

    1. Funny how that works! ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’!

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