The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge

The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge

Here is the first of a several part series by Dr. Alex Loyd on how the Healing Codes and the Cutting Edge came to be.

A number of years ago we had a meeting of the company to come up with a statement of our intention – everything we’re about.  We can constantly look at as a touch point to keep us on track.  Ours was, “Help People Heal.”

We try to evaluate everything we do on that basis and have for almost 10 years now.  The reason I bring that up so that I can address why I think these Cutting Edge programs are so critical and where they came from.  It’s not something that we just made up – having a weekly program.

A number of years ago when I finished my Masters’ Degree in psychology and was accepted into the Doctoral program but hadn’t really started it yet, I put my shingle out to do private practice counseling and therapy.  I was not licensed.  I was not a doctor, so I had to be under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, which I was, Dr. Robert Sturgeon, a clinical psychologist.

I had the audacity, as this wet-behind-the-ears Masters’ student, to charge the very top range of doctor of psychology rates in Nashville, Tennessee.  At that time it was about $120 per hour.  I believed with all my heart is I would not be one of these therapists who would be seeing people for one to three years.  Because of what I was going to do I would be seeing people from session to about three months.  That’s exactly the way it worked out.  Most psychologists in Nashville were seeing their clients one to three years.  I was seeing them one session to three months.

The only reason I’m bringing this up is because the difference in me and all the other psychologists and therapists in Nashville Tennessee was one thing.  It was the spiritual laws of nature that I was integrating into my therapy.  In fact it was my therapy.  That’s what I did with every single client, these principles that I’m sharing with you every single week.

To be continued…


  1. I have been using both Quantum Touch and EFT for the last two years on and for my friends but I find THCs to be ideal for self healing.

  2. These unique healing centers are the locations that were ‘given‘ to Dr. Alex Loyd. As far as we can tell, they are unrelated to other systems of energy practices.

    1. EFT and THC are both energy based techniques designed to be used by you on yourself. They are both fantastic and I think families need to know both.

      EFT involves tapping with your fingers on meridian points (based on traditional Chinese medicine) on the head, upper body and hands. It is based on the concept that “All negative unwanted emotions are a result of the disruption in the body’s energy system.” The process contains a ‘setup statement’ to help you connect with the problem and choose different views. Neither technique involves distraction, hypnosis or willpower. EFT allows a reduction of anxiety related to the problem by correcting the energy disruptions.

      The Healing Codes are based on the ideas that stress is the culprit in over 90% of all illnesses, and maybe 99%. Stress can be produced in the body by memories that are conscious and/or subconscious. THC involves pointing the fingertips at four unique healing centers on the head and neck to direct energy into the body. The process has a prayer/request to set intention, a Truth Focus Statement for focus to enable you to create the condition you want. THC is very comprehensive in that you get what we call “12 Days to a Changed Life” and additional support, both live and online.

      If you are dealing with serious or life-long issues, I would suggest THC. You would want to be in a quiet space/place when you use THC. You are changing beliefs at the deepest levels.
      If you are dealing with fears and phobias, I would suggest you try EFT. You could use EFT while sitting in your car at a stoplight.

      As it is with all tools, the skills of the operator make a difference. Practice is the way to develop those skills.

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