The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge – Part 2

The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge – Part 2

Here is part 2 of Dr. Alex Loyd talking about The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge.

It was interesting because within six months of hanging my shingle out with no doctorate, no license, wet behind the ears, right out of Master’s school, within six months of that I had a six-month waiting list for my practice.  It was almost comical.  All these psychologists and psychiatrists and social workers and therapists, energy workers and people like that started calling me up asking me to get a cup of coffee with them.  They asked me to have lunch with them.  They invited me to their office.  They made appointments with me.  The reason is they were trying to figure out what I was doing to have a six month waiting list while all their practices were half full or less and they were fighting over clients.

The thing I was doing was the spiritual laws of nature that we present every single week on this program.  They were life-changing.  They were different.  They were paradoxical.  They were a lot of times the opposite of what the other therapists were telling their clients or what the best-selling books were saying to do in order to heal.  They tended to work quickly, one session to (on average) about three months.

Well, a number of years ago, as I had those in my file cabinet, we were talking about our mission and helping people heal.  We decided we wanted to do something that has nothing to do with trying to get our clients to spend money.  We want to do something that is totally free, just to help people heal with no strings attached where not a penny changes hands, but it can make an immediate, tangible difference in the lives of people that we can give this to.  That’s where the Cutting Edge program came from, our desire to do that.

To be continued…