The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge Part 3

The Healing Codes and The Cutting Edge Part 3

Here is the third and final part of Dr. Alex Loyd’s series on The Cutting Edge and The Healing Codes.

The Spiritual Laws of Nature that I share every week right at the first of the program are those things that I was doing in my private practice that were responsible for healing person after person quickly.  We are giving them to you for free.  We are doing it with love and joy and peace in our heart.  We want to do it.  We want to help you.

Many of you are here because of The Healing Codes or The Healing Code book.  That’s terrific.  In my opinion these Spiritual Laws of Nature are every bit as important as The Healing Codes and The Healing Code book.  After you heal these underlying issues you still have to decide, “What am I going to choose to do today?”  “What am I going to choose to do for the next hour?”  “How am I going to do it?”  You still have to live your life and make good choices day to day, hour to hour.  That’s exactly what these will do if you will put them into practice.

We’ve not emphasized this program the way I think we should.  Maybe we will in the future.  I would encourage you every single week to have a pencil and paper, almost like just the two of us were sitting and you were paying $120 for 50 minutes.  If you did that you’d probably pay attention.  You’d probably try to put it into practice over the next week.  See yourself with me in that situation and allow these wonderful truths that I believe really are the Spiritual Laws of Nature to change your life day in day out, week in week out as we give them to you for free.

We also ask, spread the word.  Tell people.  “If you’re thinking about counseling or therapy, if you’re trying to heal your life, if you’re wanting to be better, wanting to make more money, there are spiritual principles just like there are physical laws of nature.  There’s this yahoo in Tennessee that every week on Wednesday is talking about what these Spiritual Laws of Nature are, how they’re different from how most of us live and how you can integrate that into your life every single week in a different way.  Almost certainly this will apply to you in whatever your struggle is in life.

The Spiritual Law of Nature will be the very first thing in every Cutting Edge.  If that’s all you want you don’t have to listen to a whole lot of other stuff.  Also you’re going to have a fabulous opportunity to get a Custom Code from one of our fantastic practitioners.  A Custom Code is much more effective than a general Code that is for anybody and everybody.  And, every week we will do questions and answers and have tips to help you integrate all this stuff together; the Spiritual Laws of Nature, the Code, the Codes, the Custom Codes all those things you’re trying to do in your life to change your life for the positive.

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    1. Not necessarily. Blog posts are public. To get access to the Member area you need
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