The Cutting Edge 11/10

The Cutting Edge 11/10

Great Cutting Edge topic Wednesday, 11/10, but to understand the topic we will have to listen.  It’s titled ‘Which of the two P’s are YOU?!’

Dr. Loyd comes up with great titles AND great messages too so be with us on The Cutting Edge.

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# 712-432-8773

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  1. How do I access the archieved calls? I’m not able to be on the live call. I registered some time ago & I purchased the on-line program of the Healing Codes. Please let me know by email.


    Donna Dathe

    1. Donna – if you registered on this site you have the name and password you assigned for yourself. Login by looking to the right and down below Hope’s video. You will see the place to login. At that point you will be taken to your Member page where you can access the archives.

      If you haven’t registered on this site yet, look in this blog post and click on the link that says join here. You will be able to assign your own username and password and as soon as you do that you will go to your Member page where you can access the archives. You will only use the registration link once – after that when you come back you will simply login and go right to your Member page.

      Hope this helps

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