A New Feature On The Healing Codes Site

A New Feature On The Healing Codes Site

If you haven’t noticed it yet I want to tell you about a new feature on this site.  Look to the right side of your screen and you will see an area where you can be notified of new blog posts.

You can get new post alerts in your feed reader OR if you don’t have a feed reader or don’t know what one is you can be notified by e-mail.  This is a great feature!

You are not added to any ‘mailing list’ other than the one at FeedBurner.  The ONLY mail you will get (if you register to be notified by mail) is an e-mail telling you about new blog posts – nothing else!  And if you decide to get new post alerts in your reader, you won’t get ANY mail.

It’s a great way to stay up to date with what’s going on here on the blog.  I encourage you to take advantage of  this cool feature.


  1. The manual mentions a free MP3 download of chimes, every 35 seconds to use with the codes. How do I access it? Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your question Vic. Login to your Member area. Scroll down on the Member page and you will now see the Timer. You can play it from the page or download it.

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