Questions about The Healing Codes??

Questions about The Healing Codes??

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  1. Hi, I’m a member who just reassessed my “Heart Issues Finder” and wanted to go to the Truth Focus Statements and can’t locate them on this website. They were easily accessible a couple of months ago but I cannot find them anywhere. How can I get into that section? Thanks. Diana Stevens

  2. Hi. What is the first step in doing the healing codes? I am having health issues and Im afraid or wise, Im not sure which to be honest, of going to a doctor a. would be just to have whatever it is thats ailing me a name and b. their medicines, ie chemo etc I believe are harmful and that “big-pharma” isnt out for our best interests in the least and thats putting it very mildly. I know that doctors are fine people on the whole and if you suffer a trauma injury such as a broken bone or cut etc then they are the ones you want to see but apart from that, no. So any advice on how I might begin this would be great. I hope all are well and bless each. M

    1. The first step with the Healing Codes is to have in your possession the Healing Codes in one form or another. We have comprehensive HC packages ranging from $200, $400 and $800, depending on the accompanying support. We also have The Healing Code book for about $25+. You can see more details here:
      The first actual step in the Healing Codes process is the Prayer/Request. We recognize the Source of All Healing is not something invented, patented or dispensed by humans. Then as you do the physical activity of the Code you would relax. In my opinion, it is during this phase that the connection to the Source of All Healing, called God by most of us, is improved as the stress of memories is reduced through the use of the Codes.
      We would strongly encourage you to seek trusted medical care if you think it is warranted. I don’t dispute any of your opinions but a check-up can eliminate the stress of the unknown. That is a valuable for health.

  3. Can I do the Q Codes on my elderly mother who has breast cancer. She is in her nineties (v.frail). If so, how?

    1. Yes – you can do the Healing Codes for others. One of our practitioners, JoHanna Chan, has complimentary Healing Codes Circle calls where she develops a custom code for the group. Each person has the opportunity to say what their circumstance is and she will guide you to do codes for others. Her website is and you can find out then when her next complimentary call is and contact her about it.

  4. Hi, I have a lot of health issues. I’m not a believer in Jesus. Does that affect healing from the healing codes ? Peace John

    1. You do not have to believe in anything in particular John. You just need to connect to your source of
      Power – whatever or whomever that might be. Your religious beliefs or lack thereof will not affect your
      Healing using the Healing Codes. Your underlying beliefs – your unconscious beliefs – are the issues of your heart
      that the Healing Codes will help you deal with.

      This reply is from Mary Ann Costello – of The Healing Codes family.

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