Stress and The Healing Codes

Stress and The Healing Codes

Here is a question from someone who is doing The Healing Codes and a great answer from E. Thomas Costello, head of The Healing Codes Coaching program.

Question – I have been doing the codes since Jan 1 of this year. I have seen slight improvement – no instant cures like a lot of people report. My question is, do people ever feel more depressed and unhappy after doing the Q Codes? Because we are supposed to think about the issue I am feeling more negative emotions than ever. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong?

Answer –  Try this idea:

Instead of just thinking about the issue, see if you can observe the thought, feeling, sound, or other sensation that you think is attached to the issue.

One definition of stress is ‘the non-specific response to a demand placed upon the body.’ Thinking sometimes doesn’t provide for the specificity needed to let the energy move. By observing, without bothering to fight or flee, is actually an active response.

Don’t let the thoughts or emotions scurry across the ‘screen’ of your mind. Instead hit the ‘Pause’ button and observe it until it changes. It will change because you are observing it from a place of far greater intention and wisdom than when it was created, which was probably long ago.

I encourage people to journal daily or at least document what comes up for them. Write down the emotions, what you are working on, what  you want to accomplish, and this will serve as indicator of your progress.


  1. What are the Healing Codes exactly? How are they different from the Healing Code, and where do you access them?

  2. can I try to heal another person? Is it safe for me to heal others?

    1. And here is an article written by one of The Healing Codes certified practitioners on doing the Healing Codes for others.
      Read it here.

  3. I have been doing healing codes and i am getting dry patches and itchy. why? but I feel relax these days.

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