How to use the truth statement?

How to use the truth statement?

“I also don’t quite understand how to use the truth statement – do I repeat it in my mind as I’m doing the code?  Or do I try to visualize a picture of that truth statement?  And what if a sadness creeps up while I’m doing it – about whatever issue I’m dealing with.  I know you’re not supposed to think about bad/sad things while doing the codes.  Should I just push it quickly out of my mind & refocus on the truth statement?”


  1. I cannot find any place to register my book on the website. Are the truth focus statements still available?

      1. I can’t seam to find the Truth Focus Statements or where to register the book either…

  2. I have just read The Healing Code and am excited to start using it but as with the lady with the first question I’m not sure where I find out what the truth statements are. It seems strange to write the whole book and not include them to me! Someone has answered to hit the the product tab at the top of the page but I can’t see any product tab. I hope you don’t have to buy them!

  3. Hi there…

    I have asked this question before but I am receiving automatic responses that have not answered what I am wanting to find out…so I’ll try from this format…

    “I have The Healing Code book and it appears there are ‘other’ codes out there that you have created. How does one learn about these other codes??? What are they for and how can I find out about them??? I am becoming confused about what is available to those of us who truly want/need healing.
    Thank you ~

    1. Hi Sheri – To find out about other Healing Code products, just click the Products tab at the top of this page. You will find what you are looking for there.

  4. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    1. While the Truth Focus Statements are written as sentences or words or phrases, they would be more effective if you thought them, felt them, ‘saw’ them, and felt the ideal condition that you want to be experiencing.

      The Truth Focus Statements are not affirmations or mantras.

      My belief is that they begin as thoughts and when we add energy by repeating the thought, they become thought-forms. Those thought-forms are in the process of physically manifesting for us. The higher the vibration or emotional state that we can hold as we think, feel, or otherwise, sense them, the more pleased we will be with the results.

  5. I would encourage you to never repressed sadness or a thought as it comes up invite the feeling or the thought to be healed in love or empowered by love. My simple way of the truth statement is to begin with I am fill in the blank if I have resistance in my body or an arguring thought then I know that it is not truth. for example I am Love (we all are) then I have an opportunity to heal any lies store in my cellular memories. This is about creating a relationship with yourself in Love. Blessings on Your Journey Linda

  6. Truth Focus Statements are more than a string of words. We use words to describe the ideas but if you can imagine, hear, feel or otherwise sense what you want you will have a better result.

    When sadness or other unwanted emotion shows up, hit the “PAUSE” button and just observe it patiently. Imagine you are controlling the stream of images and you now want to look at this one that is disturbing your peace. As you observe it you will notice change, mainly because it was created in another time, place and context when you were less intent or less aware and perhaps more vulnerable. Consider these feelings as if they were clouds and your awareness and attention as if they were the sun. Your observation/shining on them without the need to fight or run away is what you want to do. People tell us of interesting, sometimes amazing, changes in viewpoints about a memory.

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