How do I reconcile not being financially secure and still be in Joy?

How do I reconcile not being financially secure and still be in Joy?

“Regarding the issue of Joy in the HC Manual, the fear-based statement ,”I will be happy as soon as I get my “fix” of ……..“, in my case it is money, because one of my objectives is to achieve financial success, how do I reconcile not being financially secure and still be in Joy? Aren’t they in conflict as it appears in this section?”


  1. What is your belief about financial security? How would you feel, what would be the circumstances of your life? Would the money or what you could do with the money to bring you joy? The reconciliation would be in the Peace that the money is not your value. Blessings on your journey Linda

  2. I believe that if one is to concentrate each day on helping another with no expectation of return, then God will reward you and financial security could well occur.

    Financial security comes from the love of others and the opportunity to help others. It is not dollars in the bank but the security of a home, food and opportunities that arise. It is in knowing that you have friends and family who care for you and are there if the need ever arises.

  3. I have known millionaires who were not financially secure and people working for minimum wage who were. If you choose to explore the idea of Joy without strings (money) attached, you may discover that Joy is an interpretation available to everyone as often as they want to access it.

    If you were given a candy bar, that wouldn’t be Joy. It may be happiness, but not Joy. Joy is generated from the inside out, not the outside in.

    What would it feel like to achieve and maintain financial success? What would it look like? How would you think, feel, and act? How would you sleep? How would you walk? Stand?

    What does it feel like to know that you are in the small minority on this planet who can even entertain the idea of financial success or that you live where that is actually possible?

    Make the concept of achieving financial success like a game a child would play. Make it fun and you will succeed faster. Make it hard, fearful, or a struggle and it will be slower in arriving.

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