Do You Have Healing Code Question?

Do You Have Healing Code Question?

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  1. Have you had anyone with what is classified as coronary heart disease (blockages of the arteries in the heart) use the Healing Codes and what has been their success.

    I have this problem and have been using the Codes for about a month now. I feel great and believe that my blockages are bing removed but do not have any objective evidence (tests) to verify that fact as this point.

    The healing of my life is without question but my physical problem (the blockages) as yet has not been objectively verified but I believe something is happening and that is why I am wondering if anyone else has had any success with the same problem.

    Love and Peace,
    Wally Dove

    1. Here is what Dr. Loyd has to say – “There is NOT a single healing code for any physical or nonphysical health problem. That is simply not what we do – AT ALL. EVERY healing code is for what Solomon called “issues of the heart”, more than 3000 years ago. These are the “Core Spiritual” issues of life. When these “spiritual” issues heal, physiological stress reduces, and the immune system functioning increases. The immune system is capable of healing just about anything if it is not suppressed by stress. Our focus 100% of the time, and every healing code, is for the issues of the heart – only.”

      Keep doing the codes and watch what happens!!

  2. When you do a code for someone else, how much time do you have to touch them and transfer the healing?

    We’re working with energy. can’t we transfer the healing over distance if we have an
    energic connection?

    How do I access your web site to down load the 35 secend timing file?


    1. Arthur – You do not have to touch the person at all! It IS energy so no touch is required. Even when you do The Healing Codes for yourself no touch is involved.

      You can access the timer by becoming a free Member. Go to the home page of the site and follow the instructions you will find at the upper left side of your screen. There are many more advantages to free membership so I encourage you to become a Member.

  3. I recently registered by book and wrote down my user name and password. When i tried to access the message informed me that my password was incorrect. The link given on my e-mail message from the healing code would no open and have been unable to either set a new password or use my original.
    I am attempting to acess sample Truth Focus Statements.
    Please advise, help or e-mail me some samples.

    1. Go back to the book site, and copy/paste your password from the e-mail. That works for about 99% of people.

  4. To those of you who were on the call last night (May 12) and left because of technical problems, I apologize! We were able to get back “in business” and continue the call, which means there will be a recording available soon. Hopefully that will help those of you who left. If, however, you find after listening to the recording that your question was not answered, I invite you to either bring it to the next call or contact me directly at [email protected]. In order that I not be deluged with questions, please do this only if you were on the call, left before you could ask your question and did not find it answered after listening to the recording. If you did get to ask a question but have thought of another, please bring that to the next live call. Thanks!

    1. Where can I find the recordings of the phone calls?

      Thanks, Tina

  5. Do you have to be a believer for the Healing Codes to work. I bought a copy of your book for my sister who is agnostic and she says she is uncomfortable reciting the pray during the healing code exercise as she doesn’t believe in God. I am unable to connect to the conference call. Is it possible to get answers on the Healing Codes website?

    1. Tom does not answer questions here. If you are unable to be on the call there are specific instructions in the post you commented on so you can get your question to Tom and then listen to the replay when it is in the archives.

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