Let’s Eliminate Fear

Let’s Eliminate Fear

Does anybody want to eliminate fear now?  Tom Brokaw, at the end of one of the Democratic National Conventions, made this comment:  Anxiety is the issue of the age.

Anxiety is the issue of the age.  There are a whole lot of people who would agree with that, especially these days.  We’re in a place in our society right now where 5 different areas have come together to create the theoretical perfect storm, but this time it’s not theory, it’s reality.  The five areas are health care crisis, a mental health crisis, retirement crisis, economic insecurity crisis, and globalization.  Let me tell you it’s happening to day as we have not seen it in a long, long time.

So what in the world can you do about it when you’re faced with these fears on a daily basis?  I don’t know of an issue that’s more relevant or that we can apply to our life right now in a quick way that will make a bigger difference.  Let me share with you a couple of thoughts about eliminating the root of fear.

First of all, what in the world is fear?  Where does it come from?  What does it cause?  Listen to this:  Fear is a programmed reaction to pain, either real or perceived.  It doesn’t even have to be real.  But it is a programmed reaction to pain.  It is on the shock continuum.  Have you ever seen someone after a car accident, or maybe you’ve seen then on TV after they were pulled out of a burning building or their live was almost taken away by some terrible calamity and the person just looks blank.  Their eyes are open but they are not moving their eyes.  There’s no expression.  You may see a fireman or policeman come up to them and wave their hand in front of the person’s eyes and say their name to get their attention and then ask, “Can you talk to me?  What’s your name?  Do you know what year it is? Do you know who is the president?”

The problem with that person, they are in shock.  Shock is a heart, emotional and physiological phenomenon that happens when something is judged by our un- and subconscious to be life-threatening and massive amounts of adrenalin is released and our heart overrides our head because it’s an emergency situation and our head can’t react fast enough to save our life.  So our heart takes over.  That’s called shock.

Whenever the memory of that event is reactivated we also go into a form of shock.  As that memory is brought up again and massive amounts of adrenalin are released again, even though we’re only remembering the event that happened years ago, that’s pretty much the definition of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…  It doesn’t have to be that classic shock kind of reaction.  It is on a continuum from being affected at all to full-blown shock.  You can still be on a line there where the fear reaction comes on, adrenalin is released, blood is shunted away from your higher intellectual functioning which means you are confused and you don’t know what you need to do.  That’s what fear is, but it comes from a programmed reaction to pain.  It is based on our stimulus-response belief system.

The problem is our stimulus-response belief system is often wrong.  As we’ve talked about in earlier sessions 99+% of all illness and disease comes from the programming, the stimulus-response programming from the first 6 years of life.  Why?  We’re in delta/theta brain wave state then.  It’s the only time in our life when we are and we don’t have the ability to filter.  It is a stimulus-response belief system activation, it is a fear response, either real or perceived, that is the phenomenon we call fear.

Anger occurs when the thing that we feared actually happens.  We tend to want to fight to try and keep it from happening, to get it to go back to the way it was.  In the fear response we want to flee.  You’ve heard of fight or flight?  Well, fear is the flee, anger is fight.  Sadness is when the anger action doesn’t change the circumstances and so we give up.  You may have heard about Pavlov’s dogs, Skinner’s experimental things with dogs where they would shock dogs in different kinds of situations.  They found that when the efforts to stop the shock did not succeed, the animal would finally give up, lay down on the cage and be shocked over and over and not even move.  They gave up.

Shame is when I believe that the thing that has happened is my fault.  Shame makes me want to hide.  Confusion is part of that shock and fear response.  Confusion makes me want to seek solid ground, even if it is an addictive behavior.  But all of that comes from fear, every bit of it.  And fear comes from the programmed response to pain in my stimulus-belief system.
What do I do about this fear?  To fix it long term you have to change the programming.  You have to change the stimulus-response programming that has a lie in it that is telling you that things are threatening to you that aren’t.  The only way that is supposed to go off is if there’s a man chasing you with a gun or a bear is about to eat you.  The problem if we have it going off 20 times a day when we think about the economy or we are going to the mailbox and the bills that are going to be there, or seeing someone that I’m not in good relationship with, the pain in my stomach that I don’t know what it is and on and on.  It’s not supposed to be that way.  To fix that fear long term we have to heal the underlying programming.

I would highly advise using The Healing Codes to do that.  You can do it in a matter of days, weeks or months instead of years or decades and then you still might not get there.  Short term, to give you some relief, here’s what you do:  Change the channel.  Our heart and un- and subconscious minds are really the only parts of us that can truly multi-task.  Our conscious mind and thinking are really only capable of thinking of one thing at a time.  That’s why, if you try to talk to your spouse and read the newspaper at the same time it doesn’t work so well.  That’s why if you’re trying to talk to your child while they’re “sort of” watching TV but they say, “I’m paying attention” they don’t remember what you said later.  We only have the ability consciously to focus on one thing at a time.

You have a wonderful ability in your conscious mind.  That is the ability to change the channel.  The fear thing that is causing you to react, that is causing the anger and the sadness and the shame and confusion, change the channel.  What do you change it to?  Truth, love, beauty, excellence, wonder.  Go out and look at flowers.  Go for a walk and think about all your blessings.  Change the channel.

That is not the long-term solution.  If you try to use that as the long-term solution you’ll become frustrated because you can do this to some degree for some period of time, but it does not work consistently long term because it’s too much effort.  It’s hard to do.  You have to use mental sweat in order to change that channel when that fear response is going off.  But, it will help significantly short term.  At the same time do The Healing Codes to heal that underlying programming so that you can be free of the fear long term.  Remember, the fear is also what causes the anger, the sadness, the shame, the confusion, every negative emotion and feeling you can think of is fear based.  That’s how it is fear based.

So change the channel short term.  Change the programming with The Healing Codes long term.  When you get this fear tiger by the tail it will change everything in your life including your health, including, usually, your finances because you can be much more focused and come at that with a passion instead of a fear.  “Oh, I’ve got to make this much money this month.”  Instead of that you’re, “I’m going to go out and do this and have fun.”  Guess what?  You made more than you ever could have made doing it out of fear.

That’s the solution; a short term fix, a long term healing.



  1. I want to thank everyone connected with the Healing Codes Book. This is the first
    time In 30 years that I feel like there is a way to live and create your life joyfully.
    The Wednesday and Thursday phone calls are such a blessing to have access to
    whenever you need some understanding or a friendly voice. And the wonderful gift
    of it being free to anyone who purchases the book is like icing on the cake. I would
    encourage anyone who has the book to really take advantage of the bonus gifts.
    But most of all, you really have to make a committment to yourself to actually sit
    down and do the healing codes. It is much easier to do than you think. Just imagine
    with your feelings and images how you want your inner and outer life to be and
    embelish it as much as possible. We were created to experience love, peace,
    forgiveness, health, and all the joy of God’s creation. We just need to believe that
    and give thanks everyday. Doing the codes is like giving yourself a gift every
    time you do them. Thanks again, and many blessing to everyone.

  2. I sure don’t get what you mean by Healing Codes,what are they?????

    1. To understand what the healing codes are read about them on this site!

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