Congratulations, Dr. Loyd!

Congratulations, Dr. Loyd!

On February 9,  Dr. Alex Loyd’s The Healing Code will be released by a major New York publisher, Hachette.

As a publishing coach and the editor of The Healing Code, I couldn’t be more thrilled. You see, I know how rare it is for a first-time author to get the kind of attention this book has gotten from a major traditional publishing house.

As a Certified Healing Codes Practitioner, I am also thrilled that the foreign rights to publish it have been sold in 12  countries and languages  (so far): United Kingdom, Australia; Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, and Spanish. We HC Practitioners serve clients from all over the world, so it’s very exciting to know that the book will be available in so many countries.

Dr. Loyd wrote a wonderful book, as attested by the majority of 381 reviewers of the first edition on Amazon and the fact  that it rose to #1 in 10 categories on Amazon.  He is to be congratulated for his hard work. What may seem like “overnight success” rarely is. His success is based on the spiritual success principles he teaches and lives (listen to the Cutting Edge archived programs), hard and smart work, relationships he’s built, and of course, writing a book that other people find genuinely life-transforming.


    1. Jenny, yes, it is supposed to be available in Russian. The publisher is Ast-Release Ltd. I don’t know how things work there, to know how to get it. Perhaps ask at a bookstore, and give the publisher’s name.

      1. Jenny,

        1. Jenny and Shanna,
          The Russian translation of The Healing Code is supposed to be available in September 2012.

          1. I did not find a book in Russian yet:-( Please, let me know where can I get it….May be someone has a better luck…..

  1. Hello,

    I’ve just started using the healing codes and I’d like to get a Korean copy of the book. Do you know who publishes it and the title in Korean?


    1. Ross, the publisher is Sigongsa and the title should be whatever The Healing Code translates to. I’m not sure if it’s published yet or not, but that’s the publisher.

  2. Could you kindly let me know where/how I can order a French edition of The Healing Codes (i.e. French translation). Thank you.

    Diana Breuils

    1. The French version is not yet available. However, watch the blog because new language versions will be announced here.

    2. And the translations you see in this post refer to the book – not the full Healing Codes.

  3. Well good for you and Congratulations! I am proud to be a part of this movement. Stay true to the course. Blessings.

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